TSAtv Newsdesk #1: Xbox One, The Last of Us, and Dodgy Updates

It’s finally time for the first proper weekly episode of TSAtv Newsdesk! If you don’t know Newsdesk, we’re talking short video roundups of all the week’s biggest news and announcements. In episode #1, there’s talk of PlayStation Plus on PS4, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate for PS3 and Vita, and even a mention of Beyond Good & Evil 2. As ever, we hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave us feedback here in the comments, or over on Twitter and Facebook.

But wait! To celebrate the launch of Newsdesk, we’re having a bit of a giveaway, just because you’re awesome. There are all sorts of games up for grabs over the next few weeks, including Alan Wake for PC, Rymdkapsel for PlayStation Mobile, and FIFA 13 for Vita – all you need to do to enter is subscribe to our YouTube channel, then leave a comment underneath the episode one video over on YouTube itself. As always, the TSA terms and conditions apply.



  1. Amazing work, guys.

  2. Lovely news desk, Peter. Top marks to all you guys who helped. :-)

    • I just did the VO, it’s all Josh’s work!

  3. I wish we had a propper videogame show like we used to have with Playr on TV, the newsdesk is a great idea guys but I would love a 30 minute one with news features etc. maybe the TSA could think about expanding the newsdesk idea in the future? in the meantime, great work guys and keep up the good work.

    • I would love to be able to do a longer weekly show but it’s very time consuming and resource-intensive, which is a problem when we’re all working voluntarily and in our spare time.

      We are planning on bringing back the old magazine format show (TSAtv) that we did a short run on a couple of years back though. I’m going to start pulling that together and planning in a couple of weeks so we should be starting production in the summer.

      If you watched the two shows together, that would be 15-20 minutes!

      • That’s good to hear Peter, btw when is the next podcast due?

  4. liked and commented

  5. Fantastic idea! The whole week, quickly presented in an TV program which could be watched while having breakfast. Thumbs up to the sky!^^

  6. That was brilliant lads, very professional and informative. Such a class addition to the site especially when sometimes one doesn’t have enough time to drop into the archives to check the news from the previous week.

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