PSN Maintenance Tomorrow Evening

For the first time in a long while, Sony have taken to publicising PlayStation Network downtime on their official blog. Taking the news away from the community forum moderators, Twitter and sites like TheSixthAxis is an interesting step – presumably to more closely control the direction and accuracy of the information.

Regardless, here’s the deal: tomorrow evening, at 5.30pm BST, the PlayStation Network will go down, and won’t return until around about midnight or early into Wednesday. The Store, Home and Account Management will not be available.


Online play should be available, though, assuming you have already signed in. So, make sure you log into the PSN tonight and then tomorrow night’s online play (this also includes any apps) should be unaffected. It’s not clear what the update is for, but Sony say it’s “in order to continue bringing you the best online games experience.”

The Update will directly affect the US/Canada PSN Store Update.



  1. Bloody typical. I get my new PS3 then xD

    • HUZZAH!!!

      to the PS3 part, not the downtime part ;)

    • DIF is coming back to PS3! :-0 quick fire up Showdown… ;D

  2. I wonder, if you are paying for online gaming etc if this will happen as often with the PS4?

    • I hope not. The fact that it’s free at the moment means I don’t have any complaints, no one should really, about a few hours of maintenance here and there.

      • I would think they’ll set the network up in a way that they can avoid this on ps4. It’s difficult to retrospectively change this for the ps3

    • I should imagine the multi-player + paid for side of things will be on a different server type thing to the store and system update. Then again I have no clue what I’m talking about when it comes to Sony servers etc so I declare my reply VOID.

  3. I don’t know why they don’t just announce it in the message box on the xmb. A lot more people would know about it that way.

    • I agree tbh – Although it would have to be in the run up to the maintenance & not during one would suspect! ;)

  4. That’s too sensible of an idea! I defo think Sony should do this!

  5. It’s been a while now hasn’t it? I was starting to worry.

  6. I just want that firmware update so I can use my bloody PS3.

  7. Skiddly bom b bom me just go mad ;)

  8. It’s gotta be Firmware 4.46 testing, fair enough I’d rather have a few hours downtime than a few weeks looking at a black motionless brick!

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