Tekken Revolution May Come To Vita Depending On Success

Free-to-play fighter, Tekken Revolution, may be heading to PlayStation Vita in the near future. That’s if the game performs well, according to series producer and director, Katsuhiro Harada.

Responding to questions from fans, when asked about a potential port for Sony’s handheld, Harada answered with the following:


Tekken Revolution is now available via the PlayStation Network. The series’ F2P debut features a slew of gameplay refinements and eight iconic characters. More content is promised for future updates.



  1. Meh I’d rather have a full Tekken game on Vita, considering T5 and 6 were brilliant on PSP.

  2. Perhaps they should be going from number of active players rather than download numbers – For the simple reason that i have downloaded it, but haven’t even bothered to start the game as yet.

    I just downloaded it because it was free.

  3. I played it for about 10 mins. Completed the single player bit with one character. Got a couple of trophies. Probs never play it again.

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