Free-to-play Tekken Game Coming Exclusively to PS3

Free-to-play is all the rage these days, isn’t it? It seems to be a viable way of making money by offering consumers something to play but leaving them wanting more – but is it a good fit for games; doesn’t it alienate the audience somewhat with people who’d rather pay £30-40 in one go?

We’ll leave that for you to decide when Tekken Revolution releases this Summer – June 11th to be precise – as revealed in GameSpot’s E3 preview (below) at 19:30 into the video, with some footage of the game itself, which seems to be all standard Tekken stuff.


There are very few details as of now – we could hear more on Tuesday morning at 2am during Sony’s conference – but it’ll certainly be interesting to see whether it deviates from the F2P formula of the recently revealed “free” version of Dead or Alive 5.

These games seem to be exclusive to Sony’s console due to Microsoft’s restrictive Xbox Live system seemingly preventing F2P games. Is this a good move? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: GameSpot, via AvoidingThePuddle



  1. The best Tekken still is – ‘Tekken 3’ on the PS1:P
    Anyway nice to see another PS Exclusive tho. Sooooooooo much still coming to the PS3, nice 1 SONY;)

  2. I’m not sure about it yet, I suppose I’ll just see how it goes and what characters they’ll have.

  3. like i said in the DOA f2p story, if you’re the type of player who favours one or two characters, this could be a great way of getting the game free or at least very cheap.
    assuming they have a similar setup to the DOA game.

    or they could sell tickets to fight online, so many matches per ticket or something.
    which wouldn’t be so good.

    i’ve never been a fan of f2p games that rent you content, if i’m gonna pay for something in game, i want to be able to keep it.

    but, personally i’m glad to see free to play on console.

    i’ve played a few f2p games on pc and had fun without paying a penny.

    and with f2p on console, if i do decide to buy any dlc, and i might if i enjoy the game enough, then it’s easy, just use my PSN wallet, no credit/debit card needed.

    i think f2p titles can coexist alongside the big boxed titles.

    it’s a shame ms seem to be against the practice, or at least far less supportive of it than Sony are.

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