WeView Verdict: BioShock Infinite

Your response to BioShock Infinite wasn’t as positive as I thought it would have been. Eldave0 kicked off this week’s WeView by saying that Infinite is an “enjoyable game but nowhere near as ground-breaking as the bulk of reviewers have made it out to be”, going on to describe the shooting as “loose and clumsy” and saying that the pacing wasn’t as good as Rapture’s first outing.

jimmy-google felt a similar way, saying that Infinite was “a bit of a let down” due to the departure from Rapture and him finding Elizabeth “annoying”, as well as the gameplay lacking variation and the game losing that charm of the first BioShock. Dar-Kaus agreed, wanting it to be over before long due to it not being that “fun”, which Tuffcub backed up completely.


Further down the comments thread, wonkey-willy wasn’t enamoured by the title even though he “still liked it” and plutoniumdragon also thought it lacked the atmosphere found in Rapture. There were a few other similar rumblings but TSBonyman found the middle ground, saying that “it was definitely deserving of a high score but it didn’t quite blow me away.”

Nevertheless, there were a lot of people who enjoyed the game very much. Despite thinking that The Last of Us is a much better game, our very own Jim Hargreaves stated that Columbia is “magical to behold” even though the gameplay is “nothing new” while Megamoppy also found the setting “superb”, although they felt some of the later fights were a “grind”.

NazzyQ had no qualms with the shooting mechanics and found the game “highly enjoyable” even though the story couldn’t keep his interest, while Taylor Made enjoyed the game but didn’t quite get the ending.

Origami Killer had nothing but praise for the game, describing it as “wonderful” and saying that he often replays the ending as it’s that good, with Elizabeth really making the game for him. Adam Garrett hadn’t played previous BioShock games but said that “Infinite told me one of the best stories in one of the best ways that I’ve ever been told” and going as far to call it one of his favourite games of all time. yiddo also considered it one of his favourite games this generation, despite a few flaws.

MICKY17 continued the positive trend by saying that he “loved every second of it” and doug called it his game of the year. elpablo79 also loved the game, feeling that it was “one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had” and summed it up nicely with “All in all, a brilliant game, gorgeous to look at, full of character, story and even some moments of awe.”

colmshan1990, having just played and completed this game in time to coincide with this WeView, had a lot of positive things to say, summing it up very well:

The beginning is sublime, the middle act great and the final act literally dropped my jaw a couple of days ago when I played through it.

The game is essentially perfect. They took all the great parts of Bioshock and expanded on them to build something unmatched out of all the games I’ve played.

I only hope The Last of Us can measure up when my new PS3 arrives (my phatty’s blu-ray died 10 mins into the Last of Us, leading me to my laptop for Bioshock) because Bioshock Infinite just overtook Resident Evil 4, Pokemon Silver and Uncharted 2 on my list of all time favourite games.

Columbia and its characters are special, and I know I’ll be returning time and time again to visit often.

I need to make a return trip soon – it’s such a fantastic world to explore again and again. Overall, the reaction was positive with no Avoid It ratings, one Bargain Bin It, five Rent It ratings and eleven Buy It ratings, showing that the game really is worth picking up.

Finally, the poll returns this week, featuring Tomb Raider, Red Faction: Armageddon, Super Stardust Delta and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Remember, you’re voting for next week’s game, so the poll closes this coming Sunday at 11:59pm.



  1. I’m playing through this game now, so interesting to read what people thought. Just finished the Hall of Heroes, so a good few hours in, but enjoying it so far. Not quite as enchanting as rapture, but just as creepy! Feels a bit dumbed down, with simpler gameplay, but enjoying the story and hunting down the collectables. It’s £25 in Tesco at the moment, btw.

  2. Elizabeth? Annoying?? Blimey!

    Usually NPC companions tend to get in your way (in my experience anyway), but i never had such a thing with Elizabeth. In fact, she also often game me money, salts & health which i can’t knock in the slightest!

    Shame i missed this actually, i could have given another positive to add to the pile! :)

  3. While, I too, would’ve voted rent it, I’m a little surprised at the collection of thoughts.

  4. Might go back and replay a bit this week.
    Do we know if there is a BioShock Vita game in development?

    • Announced, but not currently in development. I think. Might just be a port of the original?

  5. Agreed with the comments at the top.

    World, story, characters – fantastic.
    Gameplay, which boiled down to run here, and shoot stuff on the way got tedious quickly. And the actual shooting wasn’t very gratifying, spongy enemies aren’t my favourite. You know, I’ve shot you in the face with a maxed out shotgun, you should be dead.

    • Exactly! One of my main gripes (If the only gripe) I had with the game, though I replayed Bioshock one again recently and that was pretty similar.

  6. Wahey!

    I made the cut!

    To reinforce my overwhelmingly positive WeView review of the game…

    I just bought it again today. This time on PS3, so I can play it with Move. And so I can make my sister play it too. For trophies too I suppose! :P

    Great game.

  7. I’m currently waiting on delivery of Bioshock 1 & 2, so, when I finally get around to playing these (probably in 6 months time knowing me;p), Infinity will be about a fiver. Tight-arse!

    • Should of pre ordered infinite and cancelled it as you got an email code for bioshock 1.

      • Only paid £12 for Bioshock 1 & 2 plus all the dlc, good deal from Tescodirect.

  8. This game was breathtaking, and Elizabeth instantly became my favorite npc character EVER (she’s tied with The Last of Us’s Ellie, now, though) and the interface was pretty smooth. The best, part, though, was the massive amounts of foreshadowing that you didn’t know existed until the last thirty minutes zip by and leave you dazed, drooling in awe. I didn’t love Colombia like I loved Rapture, but the game as a whole is a deeper work of art than any previous Bioshock has been. This is a must play.

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