The Order: 1886 Is A “Linear Third Person Action Adventure”

Ready At Dawn’s The Order: 1886 left many scratching their heads after its E3 reveal. The video looked great, but we had no idea what the game was like. Well, according to a new interview, it’s a linear third person action adventure.

“The Order is a third person action adventure with shooting mechanics,” says studio co-founder Ru Weerasuriya. “It’s very much story-based – it’s a linear story-based game. We’re trying to tell a story. It’s what we call a filmic experience.”

It’s also one set in London. “It’s one of the greatest cities in the world” says Weerasuriya. “There’s a real diversity there. A lot of European cities have it but specifically London, as there are moments throughout history that have played out there.”

“It has a very interesting history, particularly at the end of the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution. Because this game is based in the real world, we wanted to feed off that and use some of the events, the people and the stuff that existed in that time to accentuate and bring our IP into a world that is believable.”

Weerasuriya says the studio is bringing everything they’ve learnt from the PSP God of War games, but will focus on the PS4 entirely. “We want to push it, we want to get everything out of it, and hopefully that’s exactly what we’re going to do – milk it for all it’s worth.”



  1. Linear is better for narrative imo, but i hope it’s linear like Dishonored was.

  2. YES! Was hoping that it would be story driven, I really love those games.

  3. Linear 3rd person action game with shooting mechanics?

    Uncharted type affair then? Hopefully there’s not too many endless shooting galleries & there’s a bit more to do.

    • Also hope it doesn’t play itself like the awful looking Ryse, although the end of trailer (just as actual gameplay is about to start) hints it’s a cover based action shooter.

  4. All i care about is the BRILLIANT SETTING IT IS IN!! i.e VICTORIAN LONDON!!! :P :P :P
    Well o.k & the Gameplay to LoL:D

  5. GOW: Ghost of Sparta was my favourite GOW game, and successfully pushed the PSP to its limits, so have high hopes for their first console outing.

  6. “We want to push it, we want to get everything out of it, and hopefully that’s exactly what we’re going to do – milk it for all it’s worth.”
    Well that sounds promising to me. None of this nandy pandy cloud crap! ;)

  7. You’ve nailed the setting, now please just deliver the game worthy of it…

    I’ve no doubt of the developers technical know-how, the PSP G.O.W games were bloody outstanding.

    I can do linear games as long as the story is one which reels you in from the start, not everything has to be bloody open world, just because it’s on ‘next-gen’, grumble….

  8. Excellent!

    Linear always beats open world for story and immersion.

  9. Story driven. Fine by me but this is one of the games that hasn’t peaked my interest just yet. Probably need to know more.

  10. Some how I missed this video at E3. It looks amazing, great setting.

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