European PSN Store Update: 26/06/13

Hotline Miami releases today on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. It’s properly brilliant, and is Cross Buy too, so if it looks like being up your street, grab it and let us know what you think. It’s £6.49.


Elsewhere there’s Blood Knights (£11.99) and Dare To Fly (£3.99) on PS3, Deadpool for £50 and Magic 2014 – Duels of the Planeswalkers (£6.49).

In terms of DLC there’s Columbia’s Finest for BioShock Infinite (£3.99) and the Tiny Tina DLC for Borderlands 2 (£7.99). A few other bits like IAP for Breakquest and the bonkers new cars for GRID 2 also release today.

Keep an eye out for the Guacamelee! costume pack too, re-instated after the recent bug.

A fairly quiet week, but then Hotline Miami’s there, so, you know what to do.



  1. Dare to Fly looks like fun, does it work fine with DS3 rather than Move?

  2. “IAP for Breakquest” .. That’s a surprise, i didn’t know Minis supported IAPs.

    Nowt for me this week as thanks to cross-buy i get to play The Precursor Legacy on Vita! :)

  3. Boo! I already have that BioShock DLC, where’s the stuff for my Season Pass? And where is this bloody LBPV and Guacamelee DLC?

  4. Thought it was some new BioShock DLC, oh well. I think they didn’t start development until after launch so it may take some time.

    • Oh really. I hope it’s good….a bit unusual to wait that long, as some people will trade it in!

      • I can’t exactly trade in my PC download of it. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Same goes for The Last Of Us single player DLC.

      • Hence “some” :p

        Some people will have a digit version ;)

        I’m excited too, I just hope it isn’t challenge rooms like with BioShock 1 and Dishonored, I’d much rather something more story based.

      • Lol, “digital” not digit.

      • Yeah same, some story based content would be nice.

  5. Store is a bit slow to update today isn’t it?

    • Aye……Still waiting on Hotline Miami to appear :(

      • It’s there, just can’t click on it. I’ve got enough in my wallet to test out Dare To Fly, so this wait is making me decide whether to add in more funds for Hotline Miami :/

  6. Might check out Bioshock dlc, as just about to finish the main game. Checked out a Youtube of Hotline Miami gameplay and although it does look very cool, it also looks like the kind of game that would PISS me right off!

  7. Still not updated…. :p

  8. Anyone else having issues with trying to find Assault on Dragon Keep DLC?

    • Apart from the whole store being broken?

      It’s there if you try and purchase/download it from within the game. But there’s an error that keeps popping up. Some nonsense about not being able to enumerate things and to try again later.

      If you take “later” to mean “the time it takes to hit X twice”…

      …you probably get the same error. Keep at it, and you might manage it after a dozen attempts. And then download 1.6 gig of madness.

  9. Nothing that really grabs me this week.

  10. @yd thanks dude appreciate the reply

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