Shadow Fall To Feature Attack Drone AI Partner

Speaking over at the official Killzone website, Shadow Fall Lead Designer, Eric Boltjes, has outlined one of the game’s newest features: the OWL attack drone.

It’s unclear as to whether OWL will completely replace Killzone’s conventional squad of AI partners, though the context of this latest instalment suggests so.

Drones are given exclusively to Shadow Marshals, an ISA elite unit that operates behind the scenes, looking to crack the cold war between the Helghast and Vektans. Marshals often work alone with OWL drones affording them an enhanced level of  tactical advantage.

Attached to the operative’s bodysuit, OWL can scout ahead and perform a number of functions such as stunning or attacking enemies as well as creating protective shields. They can even craft ziplines between two points allowing for quick travel and, when damaged, will return to the Marshal to regenerate its health.

According to Boltjes, OWL is an extension of  Shadow Fall’s armoury and one that grants a more refined, tactical approach as opposed to the running and gunning found in previous games. Hell, as long as Rico isn’t within sight, we’re sure a lot of a Killzone fans will be happy with Guerrilla’s latest change-up.

Read more about the OWL in our hands on preview.



  1. Talked about this in my hands on –

    Nice idea, but it’s poorly communicated and a bit of a bitch to use. Hopefully it’s fixed before release.

  2. I though I’d saw this before. I thought perhaps i got my formats wrong and it was on the PS4 Killzone and coming to the Vita or the other way round.

    • Eh? That’s me confused.

      • The OWL is in the PS4 Killzone game. When i read the articel i rememberd somthing about it and thought it was aboiut the Vita Killzone game. When infact both articles were about the PS4 Killzone game.

    • Probably because Mercenary has similar weaponry.

  3. This was featured in the gameplay trailer, wasn’t it?

  4. I’m sure this was shown on the demo at E3 or something?

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