Looks Like Sony Were (Or Are) Thinking About A “Premium” PS4 Bundle, With The Camera

The PlayStation 4, when it launches, won’t come with a game or the new camera array. Recent internet chatter has pinned this down to ensuring Sony remain competitive in terms of pricing – the console’s cheaper than the Xbox One although Microsoft’s machine comes with Kinect. Add the new Eye to the PS4 and the figures balance out a lot more than you might think.

But it seems that the removal of the camera might have been a late decision, one presumably just prior to E3, when Sony first talked about the price. The image above, apparently found on Sony’s own site, shows the bundle of stuff you’d get with a PS4 but in addition there’s a game – Knack – and the camera. The photo also shows the PS4 stand.

This would probably have been about $100 more, leveling the playing field considerably.

There’s also a chance that this bundle could still manifest itself nearer to launch – whilst Sony have been stoic on the hard drive size there’s nothing stopping them trying to get the camera into as many homes as possible: it was used quite neatly with DriveClub at E3 to visualise your competitors constantly, a feature we’d like to see in the final game.

The PS4 comes with a headset, something Sony have been talking about for a couple of weeks. Microsoft aren’t doing this – they want you to use Kinect to chat online.



  1. Meh, already ordered the Eye with my Watchdogs bundle. Only added $60 to the price, so not sure where the logic comes in that it would add $100 (unless you’re including Knack).

    I think Sony could have included the Eye for $50 more as part of the bundle, but giving people the option is not a bad move. If there are cool features for the Eye, they can always bundle it with a game (or Move) later and people will still buy it.

    • Yeah I would imagine they mean with Knack and the stand, since that is what is shown above.

  2. I’m glad they removed it, I’ve no desire (obsolescence for that matter) for the camera.

    Regarding the headset, how do MS possibly think people want everyone in their house to hear the drivel that is online chat?

    • Autocorrect changed “or the space” into “obsolescence”.

  3. I’m glad they removed it. That way I’m not forced to pay extra for something I don’t really want. If I want the camera, I will buy it seperately. I can see this being better for Sony too. If the games utilise the camera, people will buy it and it will mean more sales for them too.

    The headset by Sony I think is a great idea, its simple but perfect to get started at least. I can’t see how anyone would want to speak through and listen to friends via a camera/Kinect. First of all, you would hear the whole family talking in the background/babies/dogs etc. It would be the most annoying thing ever.

  4. Reckon it’ll be a bundle launched soon after.

  5. they could still release a bundle with the camera, personally i’m glad they made it optional.
    sure that means devs can’t count on it being there and so not every game will use it, but does every game really need to use it?

    i mean, most x1 games, that have been shown so far, only seem to be using kinect to do voice recognition for them.
    not exactly innovative, i remember playing an original Xbox game with voice recognition.
    with the capabilities of the next gen machines, surely voice recognition is doable without expensive add ons.

  6. I’ll end up getting this version as long as its at release and cheaper.

  7. No they didn’t drop the PSEye. It’s just the internet(well mainly Xbox Fans & Gaming/Tech sites) trying to make it look that way so they can justify the Xbox ONE’s high price LoL:D
    + i am GLAD it’s not being rammed down my throat like MS are ramming Kinect down every Xbox Fans throats.

    Answer = NONE!!! :D :D :D

  8. After the last couple of Playstation cameras I’ve bought for the PS2 and PS3, I’m going to hold off buying this camera for the PS4 until it’s an absolute necessity. Both previous cameras have been a complete waste of time and money, with little support, only a handful of games utilizing the cameras, I’m going to wait and see this time.

    • yep, exactly. Until they release some games that actually make very good use of it, then I don’t want it. I would rather the cheaper price for the console.

    • Same here. I think the camera for me would be a complete waste, unless they bring out some killer games for it.

  9. It usually brings along quite a different type of game which many of the usual guard remain unimpressed or disinterested at. They were right to leave it out.

  10. I’m happy to have the choice, i’m not looking for a console that might have camera functions forced into every aspect of my gaming, but i like that PS4 will have some of that functionality as an optional extra.
    As far as developers not getting on board because the camera doesn’t come bundled day one, i’m not too bothered. It’s not why i am buying a PS4.
    Anyway i think the novelty has worn off motion gaming at this stage.

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