First BioShock Infinite DLC Will Be Announced Later This Month

Irrational Games will unveil its first post-launch DLC for BioShock Infinite later this month, the studio recently confirmed to Joystiq.

Players who pre-ordered certain versions of the acclaimed shooter were entitled to a number of bonuses including exclusive gear, lock-picks, and Silver Eagles. These goodies have since been bundled into the “Columbia’s Finest” DLC pack which launched separately to content on offer through Infinite’s season pass.


It’s unknown as to whether this yet-to-be-announced expansion will also follow the same route, though it seems unlikely. The time for additional weapons and vigors to be filtered into BioShock’s campaign has passed so, if we had to take a punt, we’d guess that some new playable content is finally on the way.

Even if our suspicions are correct there’s no guessing where Irrational may take BioShock after its somewhat prolific ending. Maybe we’ll get a better insight as to how Comstock built Columbia or, perhaps, a zany time-bending spin-off with Elizabeth’s dimension-tearing powers being at the centre.

Needless to say we’re excited to see what Irrational have in the wings. Clueless, but excited.



  1. They need to make DLC of *that* bit in the ending. The one where you go *there*.

    • That would be awesome, but I don’t think they’ll let us go “there” again since letting us go “there” means we won’t be “here”, and if we’re not “here” what’s the point of not taking us “there” instead of “here” in the first place. I think keeping it in the “here and now” serves the game best.

  2. how about a DLC that actually has the scene from the launch trailer?

    • The one where they are in a shop, hiding from the big bird (not Sesame Street, although now I have amusing visuals)? I thought it odd that I didn’t come across that section in the game!

      • That scene was in the game, just at another setting, but i’m talking about the scene from the trailer where Booker rescues her from being hanged by a religious mob.

      • Oh really, I still don’t remember that?

        You’re right about the hanging scene, forgot about that one!

  3. I hope the DLC will include more gameplay variety as Infinite did get repitive and needed more vigors.

  4. I think the DLC will explore the fight between the founders and the Vox. Its the only story element that was quickly passed over without resolution, and the only one that could be expanded without making peoples heads explode trying to figure out where it fits in.

    The way the main story ends theres always the chance of opening up another “lighthouse”, but if you start messing with the ending it could open up to many holes in the plot. In a game like infinite you almost have to release side story DLC or otherwise you risk ruining the main story and one of the best endings this generation.

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