The Legend Of Dragoon DLC Cancelled For PlayStation All-Stars

Met by a somewhat lukewarm reception, Sony crossover brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, hasn’t quite lived up to the high expectations of many.

Since launch, the now-independent SuperBot Entertainment supported the game with four new playable characters (Kat, Emmett, Zeus, Isaac.) After cutting ties with the studio, Sony handed the game to Santa Monica who are believed to working on additional content.

Even so, the departure of SuperBot has left a cloud of uncertainty looming above the IP and its future prospects. Perhaps even more upsetting is the discovery of 3D renders from artist, Mike Edwards, which suggest the culling of a classic PlayStation icon.draggon

Though not familiar to everyone, Dart is the lead protagonist of The Legend of Dragoon, a cherished JRPG from back in the PSone era. It’s debatable as to whether his presence would be welcomed more than newer characters such as Emmett Graves of Isaac Clarke though part of All-Stars’ downfall was its lack of heritage icons.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that DLC based on Abe’s Odyssey was also cancelled as part of the Sony/SuperBot break-up.

Fans are now calling for Santa Monica to revive the two characters in a Twitter campaign, spreading the #ReleaseAbe and #ReleaseDart hashtags. The social network has been a vehicle for a slew of gamer petitions but it’s unclear as to whether anything will come of this particular outcry. All-Stars suffered poorly in the charts and, with Santa Monica presumably prepping for next-gen, developing content for the flagging fighter may be hard for them to justify.


  1. Abe would be great but really this game needs to be on ps+ to benefit from DLC sales.

    Crash and Spyro are the ones the game really needs.

  2. It’s an EXCELLENT Game i think :P All i really want is Crash Bandicoot in the game :( & maybe Lara & Snake would be cool.

  3. It wasnt a brawler though was it? It was a floaty, skippy silly thing which was more like Bubble Bobble than Tekken.

    Give All-Stars 2 to Netherealm -Thats the game I want to play.

  4. Probably one of my favourite games from last year. Shame it never got the success it deserved

    • One of my recent favourites too. Bought it on launch day but only just got around to playing it. If only the singleplayer content was more than ladders and challenges…

      • Very true it does get a bit tedious, though that didn’t stop me from Platinuming the game twice and I still play it from time to time.

  5. I would’ve have liked it more if it wasn’t so depthless, maybe it could’ve been more innovative by copying Dissida: Final Fantasy instead.

  6. The game type isn’t exactly my cup of tea but would like the game to have much more success than it’s had.

  7. What a load of shit. I say this because as a fan of Sony they completely trashed this game.

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