PSN Store Update: 03/07/13

Blair didn’t like Unearthed. At all. But if you didn’t pick up the game when it was released back in May you’ll be glad to know there’s now a demo, so you can try this Uncharted ‘homage’ for yourself – it’s available for download now from here.


Elsewhere there’s a game called Kung Fu Rabbit for the Vita, alongside the ‘complete’ version of Pinball Heroes – a nice pinball game featuring loads of recent PlayStation franchise brands.

Back to the PS3, and there’s a demo of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, loads of Remember Me DLC, NIS’ Time And Eternity and the GT Academy (Gran Turismo 6) demo, which was released yesterday. More might appear in the next few hours, so keep checking back.

Remember PlayStation Plus updates today – click here for the details.



  1. Unearthed, can’t believe they got away with this. Is the main character called Dwake? :)

    • I just read the review, it sounds hilariously bad!! How did this ever slip through QA while the like of CounterStrike languish in quality control limbo?!!

      • I bought it. Truly is the worst game on PS3. And PS2. And PS1.

      • Out of interest, what made you buy it? I hope this doesn’t come across as offensive to anyone but it comes across in the trailer like a deliberate foreign knock off in thats unashamedly ‘inspired’ by a high quality western product.

  2. I suppose i’ll give Unwarranted, sorry Unearthed a try .. It’s a demo for episode one .. good god they must be planning more! :/

    • Just played a bit of the demo, i can’t believe someone authorised this for publication. A broken mess.

  3. Holy sh*t! couldnt even make it to the end of that trailer.was that a parody?

  4. Wait till you see the sequel – Unexpected: Caught Unawares in Cairo :p

  5. i’ve already played one game that wants to be Uncharted this week, and it probably does a better job of it than this Unearthed game does.

    oh and the updated version of the store has speeded things up.
    used to take 40 seconds between clicking download and the download starting, only takes 39 now. >_<

    funny, Payday seems to be absent.

    • ok, it’s there if you search for it, it’s just not showing in the plus section.

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