Warner Drops All Mobile Titles To 69p, Includes Man Of Steel And Bastion

Warner Bros. have dropped the price of all their Interactive Entertainment titles this week. That effectively means their recent iOS catalogue, extending to a couple on Google Play too.


Games now just 69p until the end of the week include the new Man of Steel, cute platform puzzler LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7, Batman Arkham City Lockdown, Scribblenauts Remix, LEGO Batman DC Superheroes, Midway Arcade and the sublime Bastion – although you’ll need an iPad for that one.

Over on Android, you can grab Man of Steel, Batman and Scribblenauts.



  1. WTF, sometimes I really hate Google play. I really want Scribblenauts. But I cant buy it since I don’t have a tablet yet. Planing to get one within a month or two. :/

    • I think you can buy it on the Google Play website, then it’s in your account for when you finally get the tablet! Not 100% sure but probably worth investigating :)

      • Thats were I’m trying to buy it. No luck, greyed out. Not compatible with Nexus 4 and Sensation :/

      • That’s highly unfortunate seravok as it’s an absolute bargain, 63p for the main game (50 levels) and another 63p for the world pass (which is another 80 levels at the moment but you get any subsequently released levels for free).
        I already have Super Scribblenauts for my DS but couldn’t pass up having it on my tablet too, especially at that price.

      • Do you have a friend with an Android tablet? Try linking it to your account to buy the game and then let him relink it to his account. The game should then be there for you until you get your own tablet.

      • If you’re rooted, have a look at build.prop modifications to spoof your device on the store.

  2. I would have bought Bastion again if it was playable on a phone just because it’s awesome and cheap… Their loss! :P

    • Bastion is playable on iPhone. It’s universal :)

      • iPhone 4S or above and iPad touch 5th gen if I remember it right.

      • iPod 5th gen I meant

  3. Batman and man of steel are still £3.83 on android?

  4. Nope, don’t know anyone with a tablet. Atleast no one with a android tablet. :(

  5. Man, I’d love Bastion on the OUYA… The only game of interest, and it’s not on Android.

  6. I have Bastion on iPad and while technically it’s fantastic, I find it unplayable.

    I highly recommend Scribblenauts though. Great, simplistic fun with deceptive depth.

  7. Bought bastion, Lego batman and scribblenauts. Cheers for the heads up.

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