Evolution: “You’ll Not See Vistas Like This Again – Actually, Maybe In DriveClub 2”

DriveClub’s so-called service model means that the developers, Liverpool-based Evolution, can continue to expand and refine the game well beyond its release window. It means the studio can add weather effects down the line, new cars, new tracks, whole new elements to the game.

But that hasn’t stopped them thinking ahead. Speaking to OPM, Director Col Rodgers said that the PS4 “packs a huge amount of graphical grunt”, boasting that players won’t “see vistas like this on this generation again”. That’s a bold claim, especially for a launch title, but it’s the admission afterwards that’s interesting. Actually,” he adds, “maybe in DriveClub 2.”

DriveClub 2? Whilst it’s normal for developers to be always thinking ahead, surely the core systems in place with the first game mean Evolution can continue to build on what many will be considerably invested in. The service model should allow the game to grow, so a fully-fledged sequel seems – at least just now – unnecessary.

Of course, it’s probably a throwaway comment not intended for close inspection, and could just refer to the next evolution of the current game. Hopefully that’s the case, or at least there’ll be the ability to carry through purchases and club statistics.



  1. With Sony giving the game away to Pluser’s It seems like Evolution is looking to make money in-game, Drive club 2 would bring in new sales.

  2. There’s always a point where changes to the core code are so big the patching is no longer practical. Though a sequel would need significant changes with the incremental updates to the original.

  3. I don’t think he actually meant a sequel is planned. It was probably just his way of saying they’re the best at what they’ve done, so the only way you’ll see it done that way again is if they themselves were to repeat it.

    • Agreed. It was probably a throw-away comment and not to be taken seriously. Still… this is the gaming press so let’s rummage through his trash cans!

  4. That driver looks like a young, angry Neil Gaiman.

  5. I can’t see mention of DriveClub without thinking of the ‘Abridged’ PS4 launch commentary on Youtube. It makes me laugh every time I see the DC logo…

    For those that haven’t seen it:


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