World’s First Rambo Gameplay Video

Okay, this has nothing on GTA V but I couldn’t resist the similar title. It was a bit of joke – which I’m beginning to regret – but it’s there now and I’ve started writing, so there’s probably no stopping me.

The game doesn’t look very good. It’s certainly no Unearthed but it’s quite poor visually. The gameplay, intercut with many shots of Rambo being Rambo, is from a first person perspective and doesn’t convince us that there’s anything original about this game.


It contains re-enactments of scenes from the main three films in the Rambo series, even though it seems to be rife with kills in sequences similar to First Blood. That’s not right.

The game releases this Winter on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: YouTube, via Eurogamer



  1. Oh dear what a mess. I think I’ll give this one a miss.

  2. Actually looks pretty good fun. Graphically a little shoddy but if it controls well I can see it being worth a go.

  3. It doesn’t look that bad! Will grab it when it’s a fiver for a quick playthrough.

  4. It looks… different. Bargain bin maybe.

  5. Wow….

  6. come on, i know the original was released in the 80s, but his hair was never that big. O_O

    and i think he went a little too heavy on the baby oil.

  7. Was hoping for commando style top down shooting :-)

    • Aye, me too. I was hoping that it would be a HD remake of the Spectrum classic. And nobody ever had hair that big, not even in the seventies.

  8. Bit hard to tell as i’m watching it in the PS3 browser but it looks potentially alright – not as expendable as that other game which i can’t remember the name of.

  9. Well, if it’s got gore, i’m sold… (shame about the hair and over usage of the sunflower oil mind)

  10. Is that PS2 footage?

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