First Footage Of GT6’s Goodwood Hillclimb Course

We revealed that the Goodwood Hillclimb track would feature in Gran Turismo 6 yesterday, and now the first video has appeared showing off the whole course. It’s not the longest track, but GT6 has always needed more point-to-point racing, and although this is using the post-race replay mode (with all the fancy effects) you can’t deny it looks spectacular.


If you’re at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today and tomorrow, you can play the same level in a special demo. Our man Dan’s there tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll have more impressions on the famous track soon enough.



  1. I’m heading there on Sunday, assume it’s going to be there for the weekend to (in case that’s a mistake in your article as it’s on for four days, not just the two).

  2. Looks great, the flint wall should catch a few people out. Looking forward to trying this out when gt6 releases.

    Should be good for a tt competition. *nudge nudge*

  3. Looks amazing!cant begin to imagine what it will look like next gen.

  4. Looks good, I just hope they’ve done something about the loading times.

  5. Did anyone else get an email today from Playstation about there being a GT6 demo on the store?

    • Didn’t it go up on the store last Tuesday?

  6. Looks amazing, the shadows, trees and crowd are such a huge improvement on GT5. The racing and graphics have always been brilliant in GT games with only a few visual issues per release, it’s great to see the Polyphony guys still working like little OCD pixel minions on these incredibly anal little graphical complaints whilst crafting a new game for us. Can’t wait!

    • I was watching the same video and the wall detail/texture on the low sandy walls looks like something from the PS2. :-\ Also, the crowd not turning around to follow the car looks funny but I guess this is something GT fans have put up with throughout GT5? The car looks tremendous, however.

      • I played Drive Club, then watched Jim play GT6 after. GT6 looks like a PS2 game in comparison, so blocky and flat. Couldn’t believe how laughably bad it looks.

      • Not surprising, had the same effect playing GT3 followed by GT5 the other week. Found this neat 10 minute video that shows similar types of comparison across all 4 gens of Playstation.

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