Video Shows Every Angle of The PS4 Up Close

T3 have uploaded a video to their YouTube page which gives a good impression of what the PS4 will look like up close. It focuses on the ports and buttons, showing every inch of the PS4 to us that haven’t had the chance to get a look in real life just yet.

As expected, it’s really, really nice. Click play above to see for yourself.

Bring on November.



  1. Standing on its end is the winner for me. It looks awesome like that. I can see myself wanting the base/stand for that precise reason.

    • Yep, time to adjust those preorder details again :)

  2. OH MY, I think I need to lie down.

  3. Phwoarrr

  4. what the machine looks like is of secondary importance to me.
    but i do like that the top is flat, i can put stuff on it.

    i have a little Chun Li figure i got when i bought Street Fighter 4, and the Seraphine figure from Sacred 2.
    i can stand them on the PS4 when i get one, they just slide of the PS3.

    • Same here. I would have bought it whatever it looked like, although I do think it’s the best looking of all the consoles revealed/released this year, including Androids.

      • i think i’d have to agree about the PS4 being the best looking of the new gen machines.

        not that any of them are ugly or anything, but the PS4 has a more interesting design.

        less of a plain box design.
        i know the Wii U is rounded but it’s still pretty much just a box.

  5. I’m gonna rest my DS4 on it just like that. So excited for PS4!

  6. At first reveal I was like meh, but seeing how small it really is… impressive.

    I also love how it has an internal PSU whilst the Xbone, despite being anti-RROD ridiculously large, still has an external power brick.

    • didn’t realise that until i looked again, it does look pretty small.

      • This is a good indicator, fella.

      • Same, I’m surprised how small it is, especially after seeing Mikes pic. It’s lovely, slightly retro in its styling and with plenty of cues from the PS2. Want want want, no preorder yet, happy to take donations if anyone’s feeling generous? Money donations, not bodily fluids, just so were clear.

      • Great comparison picture, I think from that angle the slim (original) is the best looking. A panoramic would probably alter that decision though!

  7. The more I see it, the more I want it.

  8. I think this is my favourite design of the Playstation since the PS1. It looks fantastic and its flat too, so I can put things on it. It also looks amazing stood up too.

    • To be fair, you really should make sure it’s in a well ventilated area so perhaps avoid stacking up the freshly killed family members (for interrupting you during a game of Killzone: Shadow Fall) on top of your new acquisition. ;-)

  9. The more I see the new Dual Shock controller the more I like it. It looks compact, ergonomic and very functional.
    Preordered! Just got to figure out which games to put on that pre-order list now.

  10. Very, very nice. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

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