What We Played #113: OlliOlli, Super Smash Bros. and Flower

I’ve been trying my best to OD on vitamin D this week, which has had a detrimental effect on my gaming. Okay, so I might have played an hour or two of Defense Grid: The Awakening when I’ve had other things to do but that’s it.

Kris may well be wishing he’d been out in the sun instead of inside playing Battlefield 3. Having slogged through “a fair chunk” of the game’s single player offering he’s pronounced it “rubbish and pretty buggy”. The one consolation is that it came via his PlayStation Plus subscription, so it was kind of, but not really, free.

Also met up with Tom Hegarty from Roll7, who was in town for the Develop conference, and he showed me OlliOlli again. It’s got even better since E3, with a cool new animation when you crash, and a few subtler improvements. It really is looking fantastic.

Having been stumbling around the Kingdom of Amalur for about 20 hours now Aran’s reckoning is that he’s covered about a third of the map and now has a healthy stack of quests that are in need of a jolly good questing. The Last of Us’ “superb” story and voice acting and “pretty good” gameplay has also helped him fill a few moments.

[drop2]The evergreen Super Smash Bros. Brawl kept Blair entertained over the weekend. “There isn’t any better multiplayer game in my opinion, particularly when it’s a no items 1v1 match. So good.” He’s also enjoyed the story-crafting in The Walking Dead: 400 Days but would have liked more time to get to know the characters.

Tuffcub’s still enamoured with Killzone 3 and decided to party like it’s 2010 with Bioshock 2. More of his time has been spent ‘playing’ with Cubase this past week though. On past form I’m sure we’ll all be amongst the first to hear about any significant results of that. Do you think he’d be horrified to know that Taylor Swift is warbling away in the background as I write this?

Repeated failure to win a championship hasn’t put Dan off playing more F1 2012. After five seasons he’s started anew with Toro Rosso and reckons F1 is like his CoD or FIFA, which I don’t really get. If he’d said it was like his Burnout Paradise, Fallout 3 or Mass Effect 3 that would make more sense.

I’ve also played Flow and Flower which are both beautiful games. Relaxing and simple, blissful really. Bought God of War Ascension yesterday which I’m yet to play. Never played a GoW game before so looking forward to it.

I haven’t progressed much further into Assassins Creed 3 or Revelations in the past week either. But the majority of my time has been spent in the sun, working a lovely tan.

Finally, someone else who’s noticed the sun’s been about of late.  

Last up this week, Dom’s new job has been leaving him short of both sun and gaming time. Snatching brief moments of gaming when he can has been possible thanks to his 3DS, Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing. “They’re both good, though I’m that tired at the moment that Animal Crossing is much the safer choice in case I nod off half way through!”

How’s the weather been in your part of the world this week?  I’m a Brit, we’re weather-obsessed don’t you know and I know you must havehad some weather.  In between running backwards and forwards to your own personal weather stations (you have all got one, right?) have you played much?


  1. Got Max Payne 3, didn’t think much of it. That’s it. Mostly been watching films this week, ‘Lucky Luke’ and ‘Woochi: demon slayer’ were both pretty great films. Lucky Luke is a definite must watch for comedy/western fans.

  2. First few levels of Max Payne 3 on a harder setting, and played through Alien Breed 2. Waiting for The Last of Us to drop in price a bit, but think I’ll be waiting a while yet!

  3. Why is anyone playing the single player of BF3? it’s all about the multiplayer.

  4. Completed 12-weeks MP of The Last of Us with the Hunters, and have now started with the Fireflies. I’m also about half-way through the single-player and am very much enjoying it. I also played most of the GT6 Academy but haven’t registered times for the final two events – not that I’m particularly quick anyway! Still not yet started Max Payne 3 or Metro Last Light which I picked up in various sales last week.

    On Vita I’ve been playing FIFA 13 although it appears the trophy for winning back-to-back top-tier league titles is glitched – either that or the Bundesliga isn’t classes as a top-tier league (even though the trophy requirement says “any top-tier league”.

    On iOS I purchased Bastion in the sale which seems fun, and also Plants vs Zombies and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery (although I’ve not tried the latter yet).

    • S&S has stunning music, fella. Headphones, please, please, PLEASE!!!!

      • Oh ok, thanks for the headsup, I shall do that – usually I have the sound off on my phone, so that’s good to know! ;)

      • To have a custom-made soundtrack for an iOS game is nice enough but when it’s of a quality you’d associate with far, FAR bigger productions, it’s quite something else. :-)

      • Awesome, I shall look forward to it!

  5. Weather has been stunning and continues to be so here in Cardiff. Thank god for air-con, though.

    Hannypoppie and I tried LittleBigPlanet Karting yesterday and that was a good slice o’ fun. Not quite the same calibre of entertainment as the original LBP (and LBP2) but lovely nonetheless. Hannypoppie then went onto Catherine (the game!) and has clocked up three hours of game-time although she’s finding it a difficult title. Additionally, she’s playing the “good guy” which is a shame as I’d be there hammering the “threesome” button. It has a threesome button, right?

    I’m coming to the end of my time with Warp. A bit of fun but, sadly, nothing more than that. I’m also hoping Dishonoured is chosen as a Flash sale (on Steam) as it’ll be just £5.99. Yay. :-)

  6. Have been playing some Pokemon Heart Gold but mostly i have been playing GRID2 Multiplayer! that game is really fun but the corner cutting must be patched soon, it’s so annoying when u get corner cutting when u are on the wrong side of the turn!

  7. Gears 3 again for me this week. The 10x XP is proving to be a god-send and I am well on my way to “re-upping” for a second time. Also grabbed the Season Pass this week for 18quid so I have plenty of new content to play through over the coming weeks.

  8. Still playing NFS:MW on vita also Steam summer sales have started and my first purchase was Defiance for £6.79

  9. I replaced my shitty controller with a DS3 this week and forgot how small they were. It’s small! I keep thinking it will snap in half if i apply too much pressure. :O Anyway, I have played DAO, Dark Souls and something else. Also watched Mr Bean’s Holiday, Bean:The ultimate disaster movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. And yes, i’m playing DS2 offline. Don’t think I will play it that much as i think i will focus on DAO.

  10. I actually haven’t played anything since finishing The Last of Us and there’s nothing on the immediate horizon that I might pick up.
    I’ll probably spiral towards poverty with the Steam Summer Sale kicking off yesterday but I doubt I’ll even play half the games I will end up buying…

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