PlayStation’s Annual “Play” Promotion Features Stealth Inc, Ibb & Obb and Duck Tales

Whilst here in Europe we eagerly await this year’s Summer Sale (expected at the end of July) over in the US PlayStation have just announced their annual Play promotion.


Pre-ordering any of the games (which you’ll be able to do from tomorrow) will net you an XMB theme. PlayStation Plus subscribers can also get 20% off when they pre-order.

The following deals also apply:

  • Pre-order or Buy any 4 PlayStation Store PLAY games to get $10
  • Pre-order or Buy any 3 PlayStation Store PLAY games to get $6
  • Pre-order or Buy any 2 PlayStation Store PLAY games to get $3

The actual games are Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (PS3/PS Vita) which is released on the 23rd of July, Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3) on the 30th, ibb & obb (PS3) the week after and DuckTales: Remastered (PS3) on the 13th of August.

The European PlayStation Plus games for August will be announced soon, too…



  1. I might well be up for that. Ibb & Obb looks really lovely, for one.

  2. i love the concept, but i don’t find any of those titles interesting. Even though i loved the Ducktales cartoon, i have no interest in playing that game.

  3. Duck Tales for sure! Any word on Castle of Illusion?

  4. Looks interesting, so does ‘get’ mean youre given credit back?
    I’m a bit disappointed with the new name for Stealth Bastard, but I bet it’s awesome especially on the Vita.

    • It’s ace on PC, so should be equally ace on Vita when it arrives. :)

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