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Finally, Your Gold PSN Trophies Are Worth Something

Fancy owning a piece of PlayStation history? Got plenty of gold PSN Trophies? Well, as we hinted last week, gamers can now bid on some cool real-life goodies with your virtual silverware.

The site’s getting hammered just now, but potentially you can log in with your PSN account, and it’ll tot up your gold Trophies. Then you can bid on the goodies, which are listed below.

Day Item Game
Day 1 (7/16) Black Hand Outfit Killzone: Shadow Fall
Day 2 (7/17) Infected “Clicker” Costume The Last of Us
Day 3 (7/18) End Scene Concept Art PlayStation
Day 4 (7/19) Dragonborn Dagger The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 5 (7/20) Witch Doctor Mojo Diablo III
Day 6 (7/21) Crane Scene Concept Art PlayStation
Day 7 (7/22) Witch Doctor Cursed Skull Diablo III
Day 8 (7/23) Delsin Rowe’s Outfit inFAMOUS: Second Son
Day 9 (7/24) Dragonborn Shield The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 10 (7/25) Captain Kenway’s Cutlass Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Day 11 (7/26) Dragonborn Sword The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 12 (7/27) Dragonborn Stalhrim Mace The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Day 13 (7/28) Witch Doctor Ceremonial Garb Diablo III
Day 14 (7/29) Helghast Sniper Outfit Killzone: Shadow Fall
Day 15 (7/30) Captain Kenway’s Outfit Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

The trick, of course, is to bid tactically. If you really want something, splash all your Trophies on it, but you might want to spread out the bids across the whole collection.

Your Trophies remain in your PSN account, of course. Sadly, this isn’t open to Europeans, but hopefully SCEE are taking note and will offer up something similar down the line.

The Killzone outfit’s already getting bids of at least 300 Trophies…

Bid here.


  1. Wow! That means that Terminator: Salvation is worth something as well!! :P

  2. This is really cool, also makes me realise how little gold trophies I have… only 179 :(.

  3. Are there multiple winners, is there like a thousand winners a day for each prize? Or are there only 15 items and each day theres only 1 winner for each prize?

    If theres only 15 items and only one person can win each day then BFD, so the top 15 trophy whores each get a prize, and the other 99.99999999999% get to be disappointed. If this is the case you should loose your gold trophies if you win. At least that way people wouldn’t bid ALL of their gold, auctions aren’t auctions if you don’t have to worry about paying the bill. Theres not alot of trophy hunters that would bid if they were going to loose 300 gold and drop levels, then this way the people with 40 or 50 trophies would stand a chance at winning.

    I can appreciate Sony wanting to add some fun to the Sony marketing campaign, but if they’re just going to base it on who’s got the most trophies, its only fun if you got the most trophies. IMO rewarding the top trophy collectors isn’t even fair because the top trophy collectors aren’t even a single person. You know that ALL of these prizes are going to 2 or 3 groups of people with linked accounts.

    • I reckon there’ll be a bidding Gold total that runs alongside your PSN Gold trophy total with the former diminishing as you win items and spend shiny’s otherwise it’d be utterly pointless cos’ there’d always be the same winner(s). ;)

  4. Awesome! I have 321 right now, and I’d bid all of them for one of those.

    • Especially the Skyrim goodies.

  5. 51 Gold t trophies isn’t gonna get me too much in the SCEE equivalent :-)

  6. Bah, US only. My 189 gold trophies will have to stay put being all shiny.

  7. That’ll be Hannah Montanna the video game hitting No.1 in the charts then! {:-o

  8. I have 618. Bring this to Europe plz.

  9. Just the US? Phew, my 29 Gold’s are safe so.. :D

  10. Just checked mine – 124 gold trophies. I think I need to work a bit harder so I’m ready when this comes to Europe.

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