Rejoice! PlayStation Trophy Cap Raised!

For most, PlayStation Trophies are a fun, additive element to gaming that often promotes extraordinary life out of titles that perhaps you might not stick with for as long were it not for the virtual silverware.  And in some cases: sales of games that you wouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

Indeed, our PlayStation Trophy List is still one of the most popular pages on the site, thanks to the tirelessly hard working Skibadee keeping everything up to date.  Likewise, our Trophy Leaderboard has our regulars battling it out for top spot every day.

But few take it as seriously as ‘Hakoom’, who has managed to bag almost 300 Platinum trophies (15,662 in total), and ‘Duck360’ with nearly 320 Platinums (15,868 in total) who recently burst past the previous level cap of 50.  Yes, that’s right, there was a cap.

I’ll never get there, I simply don’t have the time or the skill, but hats off to these two, who proved that Sony have either upped or removed the limit on the level you can achieve.  What that new limit, if indeed there is one, is set to we’ll no doubt see in due course.

Ah, I still remember my first trophy.

Via IGN.


  1. Super Stardust was my first trophy too!
    Yeah hat’s off to skibadee for posting trophies on a daily basis to give us gamers a heads up if it’s easy/obtainable/hard and/or impossible xD

    Still couldn’t believe what I was seeing with Hakoom and Duck360 0_0

  2. As if there was a cap anyway, why would that be beneficial?

  3. Finally, been stuck at 50 for ages ;)

  4. Don’t really play games for trophies much, I think it’ll be fun to try and get a few every now and then. But never go out of my way to get them.. Have not 1 platinum, let alone 300… It’s mental.

  5. Time to do some more trophy-grinding!
    I wonder what the new cap is?

    • It’s a plaid flat cap tilted jauntily to one side.

  6. I STILL can’t believe there was a cap.
    My first trophy? Dead Space. Awesome game.

  7. No idea there was a TSA trophy leaderboard! Posted my deets on the forum. :-)

  8. Someone doesnt have a life……. lmao

    • You do no that Hakoom is not just one person? I would say they are 10 people.

  9. Is there an easy way to see what your first trophy was? Think it might have been Buzz!

    • You can sort the lists by date?

      • Hmmm… think you can only sort by ‘earned date’ within each game. Not much help, as I have about 200 games on my list.

      • I just remember Dead Space used to be the only game in my trophy area on the xmb.

  10. Nofi was so lovely back then.

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