LEGO Movie Game Announced, Screenshots Inside

Warner Bros Interactive has just announced a new LEGO game, and this time it’s for the LEGO Movie itself. TT Games will once again take control of development duties and it looks like they’re aiming for every current and next gen console.

The story will follow a character called Emmet who is mistaken for a hero and is made to join a group to save the world from an evil overlord type. TT Games have also said that the players will be able to build sets and other creations using instruction manuals found within the game. There will be 90 playable characters and 15 levels.

The shots look very bright  and show a couple of gameplay scenes by the looks of it. There’s even a LEGO helicopter flying about near a construction site. If the other LEGO games are anything to go by then this should be quite fun to play.

As mentioned earlier it does look TT Games are trying to hit almost every console with confirmed releases for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita and the 3DS.

Source: Press Release



  1. Next they’ll be basing toys on this :P

    It’s a little crazy how lego is expanding..

  2. Great stuff. Shame about the film title though, it’s now a golden film rule that any movie with the word ‘movie’ in the film title should be avoided at all costs. I hope this is an exception though. The LEGO games ooze fun and bring out the essence in LEGO albeit not exactly making and building things with the LEGO bricks in person.

  3. Lego: The Movie, the game of the movie of the toys.

    i still think my favourite has to be.
    Street Fighter: The Movie, the game of the movie of the game.

    anyway, the movie looks fun, i’m not sure if it’s CGI made to look like stop motion or actually done in stop motion.
    they could have animated the figures properly like the cutscenes in the Lego games, but i think it adds a bit of charm.
    like the 1980s something space guy with the broken helmet.

    so, will we get Morgan Freeman’s voice in the game?
    that would be sweet.

  4. Another Lego game for me and my 10 yo son to play. I’m not sure who enjoys these more, me or him???

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