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Sony Confirms August PlayStation Plus Titles For Europe

[drop2]Following an earlier leak that pointed to August’s PlayStation Plus titles being Capcom’s Devil May Cry reboot and the cool shooter Spec Ops: The Line, Sony have today confirmed the exact listing of new games for August’s bounty.

So, replacing the generous Battlefield 3, brilliant Saints Row and Payday on PS3 (and Ninja Gaiden and Unit 13 on Vita) are Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Mafia II and – yes – Spec Ops.

Sadly, no Devil May Cry. But still, these are great games and the service continues to thrive, somehow managing to constantly get some top notch games for that modest monthly fee.

The Vita gets Lego Lord of the Rings and When Vikings Attack! too. Remember to grab July’s games before they disappear from the service, you’ve got a few days to go yet though.

If you’ve yet to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, perhaps this will change your mind.


  1. Just brought Mafia II but Most Wanted is more than enough bang for my buck.

  2. More first/third person shooty stuff and driving games?

    PS+ is obviously incredible value for money, but they’re often a bit safe in the choice of games.

    I guess that’s what people want?

    Don’t get me started on people.

    • To be fair, there was XCOM and Catherine recently, which aren’t you’re typical games ;)

  3. I was looking forward toNew Little kings story to.I would rather have DmC as well on Ps3 but never mind I’ll give spec ops ago.

  4. By the beard of Zeus! Thanks Sony, I’ll take you up on every single one of those.

  5. i think i’d rather have Mafia II than DMC.

    that’s just me though.

  6. I’ve completed Mafia II & have NFS MW & When Vikings Attack but I’m more than happy to be getting Spec Ops & LEGO LOTR. :)

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