Community Round-Up: 20/07/13 – Crysis, Stardust, GT6 And PS4 Pre-Orders

You’ll be glad to know I haven’t had to sell any kidneys as a result of Steam’s summer sale, in fact I’ve only bought a couple of things. Hopefully you picked up some good deals, but let’s turn our attention to TSA for this week’s Community Round-Up!

Our comp with the guys at is still on, where we’ve teamed up to give you the chance to win a PS Vita and 12 months worth of PS+, so it’s well worth entering!

Taking a look at the Meets, sadly we haven’t got anything scheduled yet. Maybe you’re all out enjoying the good weather, but hopefully we’ll see the likes of the usual Grid 2, GT5, DiRT and Battlefield Meets appear in due time.

So keep checking back to see if and when they get put up, or create your own meet provided you’ve got 250 TSA points. We’re working on expanding the Meets section considerably soon – it would be really helpful if you could all get some Meets up there so we can test… ;)

CRU2 Serious Sam

It’s also a bit quiet on the Reviews and Previews front; just one new review this week. Anyway, Aran thought The Serious Sam Collection for the 360 was deserving of a 6/10, citing the repetitive gameplay and the numerous glitches.

From the community articles, Flexxible showed off his mightily impressive walk-in closet games collection for the Chronicle, while most people felt let down by Crysis 3 in the WeView Verdict, with a tie between ‘Buy It’, ‘Bargain Bin It’ and ‘Avoid It’.

Already, the praise for Super Stardust Delta is clear to see in this week’s WeView, which is great for such a lovely game.

We had quite a few good blogs from writers expressing their opinion about the PS4 and next gen, so let’s take a look at them now. Alex looked at the ‘share’ button on the Dualshock 4, and talked about what it meant for us gamers as one of the PS4’s top 10 features, while Blair examined Sony’s new focus on Indies. Offering contrasting opinions, Kris explained why he can wait for next-gen, while Blair argued why he can’t wait.

Dan took a trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, for an interview about GT6 and the GT Academy, while A Matter of Perspective looked at the Metro franchise, courtesy of Aran. Meanwhile Thomas Was Alone, a game that’s been widely praised on TSA, was at the attention of Gamoc in Indie Focus.

Finally, the podcast returned to full strength with Episode 105 while Greg finishes us up with What We Played #114.

The Forums are looking quite busy, so I guess not all of you are fans of this hot weather we’ve been having:

And we’re done for another week. There are sadly only a couple of days left in the Steam sale, but the good news is that the warm weather looks like it will hang around another week.

So until next time, have a good sunny week!

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  1. That PS Vita competition has over 2,000 entries! Well about 500, really. Still impressive numbers :)

  2. “the good news is that the warm weather looks like it will hang around another week”

    A total Solar eclipse over the UK would be nice, al-fresco air-con for all :P .

    • True, I’ve actually enjoyed today’s mostly overcast weather. I think I’ve decided I don’t enjoy any weather other than ‘medium’.

    • Autumn & Spring are my favourite seasons. Mild & inclement FTW!
      Too kin hot!

  3. I can’t stand it being too hot as I turn into a right grumpy bassa as soon as I start sweating. :D

  4. Super Stardust Delta has been getting awesome reviews. I’ve been looking forward to it for awhile.

  5. Spotted this over on the Playstation website, regarding Dan’s Goodwood shenanigans.
    It refers to ” our friends at thesixthaxis” with a link to TSA’s Goodwood article.
    (section under the second picture)

    Acclaim indeed ;)

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