Podcast: Episode 105 – Man of Steel, OlliOlli and Ouya

This week sees the podcast get back towards something resembling normality, with Peter, Kev and I taking part. It’s been so long that we had anything like this set up that it felt rather nice to talk to everyone again.

Of course you probably want to know what we talked about, so I’ll tell you that Peter shared his experiences with the Ouya, while Kev talked about iOS title Badland, along with some more of his favourite iOS games. If you’d like more from those two guys then don’t worry, Peter also chatted about his view on Man of Steel, and Kev look at the animated Batman: Under the Red Hood with me.

As for me, I’ve been reading a good number of Indie comics, so I’ve got a fair few recommendations there. I also got a chance to play OlliOlli again, so you can hear me heap praise on the Vita based skater once again.

There’s also the news, including the very sad news of Giant Bomb’s Ryan Davis’ death, a Batman based quiz, and your questions.

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  1. Not to much about gaming this week, but nevertheless very good guys ^^
    Who cannot I have Netflix in Poland, fuck! Podcast after podcast, you guys are talking about all those great animated movies etc. and I love the Batman character sooooo much, was my favourite, since like forever.

  2. i think the Avengers Assemble thing might have had something to do with the sixties tv series called The Avengers.
    and that not very good movie with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman.

    you know, i never realised that about Man of Steel.
    i wonder if they compared notes.
    mind you, they may not have actually met while filming.

    i’ve got Mask of The Phantasm on dvd, absolutely bloody brilliant film.
    and the Gotham Knight animated thing on Bluray, not as good but still decent.
    the Animatrix did this sort of thing a bit better in my opinion

    surely you can’t talk about the best DLC this gen without mentioning the swathes of DLC Criterion released for Burnout Paradise, about a year of it for free wasn’t it.

    i nearly got 7 on the quiz, but i had Casey Kelley, not Carrie.

  3. Sorry the question was unanswerable! I used to play cricket so I shall try to fit that in next time!
    Love the steam sale, hate my computer. Right now Total War isn’t so much nations waging war as some vague pixels in what looks like a field.
    Under The Red Hood sounds fantastic. Already awaiting a delivery from amazon.

  4. I thought you said one of the main characters was deaf not death, haha! I want to read the East of West now.

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