Uncharted 4: Eye of Atlantis Leak Appears, Is Clearly Fake

A quote from Plato? Numerous shots of an apparent off-screen presentation? The promise of new – literal – depths to explore? A bit of a cut-scene to gaze upon?

Yeah, I’m in. Let’s have some Uncharted 4!


uncharted 4

uncharted 4

uncharted 4

Except, well, they’re clearly fake.

Eye of Atlantis might be a game, it might even be a proper Uncharted game, but these screens are fake. Not only does it look like someone’s photographed their own monitor, but that last screen shows a multiplayer level from Uncharted 3.

They surfaced on some Facebook page today, and were first thought to be from Comic-con.


Nolan North, voice of Nathan Drake, recently said he had no idea about a fourth mainline Uncharted game. Nobody really believed him.



  1. Yup, last screen is from Uncharted 3’s reskin of a UC2 multiplayer map.

    Hopefully we’ll get some really info soon, though.

    • Gamescom for Naughty Dog info would be wonderful, even just a tease. So many first party studios with nothing shown yet.

  2. I really hope the next uncharted is for vita, golden abyss was a lot of fun. I just adored the gyro aiming.

    Does seem unlikely however. I just hope the story of the next one is good, uncharted 3 was very disappointing in that regard.

    • I disagree with you twice here. I though golden abyss was boring, way too long, and I really like the story of uncharted 3.

      • I loved both so nananana :D

        More Uncharted in any form would be good although pref ps4 version as that would increase demand of it.

        But msot likely another Vita one in dev as it’s almost hit 1m sales and with 5m vita’s sold that’s some impressive 20% attach rate (not including the fact it’s free on plus.)

      • I loved the length. Personal preference I guess.

        I just can’t get how you liked the story, it was just loosely connected set peices with plenty of plot holes. Really felt like it was very much the b-team, while the a-team worked on the last of us. I just hope they can iron out the differences between teams for future projects. U3 wasn’t anywhere near as good as U2. Then again, TLOU blew them both away.

  3. One bit of speculation:

    Remember the Easter egg for The Last of Us that was in one of the opening levels of Uncharted 3? The newspaper headline about the cordyceps fungus?

    That would imply Uncharted and The Last of Us are the same world. Uncharted 4, if it happens, could wind up being a VERY different game to Uncharted 3 indeed…

    • Post TLOU? No, I can’t imagine that.

    • There were also jak & daxter and uncharted board games in tlou. I think It’s just a nod.

  4. I really hope they don’t do an uncharted 4,at least not for a few years. It’d lost a bit of its magic, 4 game releases in just a few years. It needs a break, or to be retired completely. TLOU was great, same developers but whole new setting, story and gameplay mechanics. Just goes to show they can produce top quality without having to stick to the same old characters and world.

    • I agree, 3 left it at a good place which I wouldn’t want to see added onto for a while. A new IP would be welcomed, The Last Of Us was great.

    • Yup, as much as I know that UC4 would be an amazing game, I’d much rather want them to explore something new.
      I’m still hoping that the comic books that you found in TLoU are a sign that their next game will be a sci fi space game.
      A Mass Effect kind of game made by Naughty Dog? Yes please!

  5. Although a new IP would be brilliant – from a Business standpoint it would be foolish of Sony to ditch Uncharted at this point.

    It’s there best franchise of this gen as a “whole”.

  6. No rush, hopefully they’ll wait for a decent storyline and change up the way the game plays as i think it’s time for a refresh after the last two.

  7. As long as the ruffty Jason Statham alike chap is back I’ll be happy. In fact a whole game with just him please.

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