Battle Royale Leak Shows Journey / Gravity Rush Mashup

PlayStation’s All Stars Battle Royale might have crashed and burned at retail, prompting a disconnection between the developers Superbot and the platform holder, but the game wasn’t terrible, and actually had some pretty good ideas.

These screens, part of a leak highlighting apparent content for the game never likely to see the light of day, shows the developer’s inventive streak, combining the beauty of PS3 indie hit Journey with the PS Vita’s Gravity Rush.

The images were posted by a member of the development studio, but were taken down immediately along with the actual post that housed them. Well, not quite immediately, as at least one site managed to grab them and – well – you know the rest.

The same site also appears to have alternative menu and UI screens, although it’s a little more unclear as to the story behind those. In any case, they’re much better than the fairly ugly menu system the game shipped with.

It’s a shame the game launched so watered down. This early concept video shows that there was massive potential behind the licenses and the characters.

Even Title Fight is a much better name.

A sequel isn’t likely, and continued DLC for the first game appears to have stopped, now it’s resting in the laps of Sony Santa Monica. A PS4 reboot would be welcome, but the roster needs tightening and the developers really need to listen to experts in the field regarding the mechanics.


  1. The KO mechanics are the main reason why I never pulled the trigger on this one. Nintendo got it right and the Super attacks just don’t cut it. They should have shamelessly copied a few things from SSB.
    Also no Rayman = no buy. :/

  2. Personally I really enjoyed it, although the game wasn’t without its issues. I am still hoping for a more refined sequel!

  3. Hope it drops via PS+ as I wanted this but never got round to it. (The original)

  4. The concepts in that video look very good, even better than some included. I really enjoy the game, great fun when you have a few mates round, it just always felt like more could have been done with it. Cutting ties with Superbot was always a shame as it was never going to be an instant hit. They deserved a shot at a follow up or expansion.

  5. I really enjoy Allstars, I have it installed on my Vita permanently (so far, at least).

  6. Bought it on Vita only and have loved it, single player for some reason is nice an varied vs other fighting games. Actually prefer it over Nintendo’s games, which might be my closer affinity to Sony’s characters. It’s a shame support has ended but pretty happy we got any DLC at all.

    Saddens me a little when good games fail commercially.

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