Guacamelee!’s El Diablo’s Domain DLC Releasing This Week

Guacamelee! has gained a very positive reaction from gamers, with our own Peter giving the game a 9/10 in his review when it released in April. Now Drinkbox Studios have revealed the next bit of DLC for Guacamelee!, and it is titled El Diablo’s Domain.


The new DLC will contain seventeen new stages to work your way through, and three new costumes for both Juan and Totsada. It will be coming to PSN this weeks for the rather nice price of £2 and €2.50. US gamers can expect to pay $2.99.

Source: Youtube



  1. Can’t wait – and that’s a lot of content for you £2!

    This is probably one of my favourite games this year!

    • More DLC for you to get back up to 100%! Just as well you’re enjoying it.

      • Indeed ;) Although, this DLC is meant to be quite tough, so I’d better be prepared to get frustrated!!

  2. £2, woah, nice price! It’s a really fun game, might have to grab the dlc.

  3. I don’t know if I can manage anything harder than some of the end game navigation trials! I’ll be buying this anyway, I’m a sucker for punishment.

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