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Guacamelee Gets A Fantástico Bundle Release Next Week

Guacamelee is a very good game, at least in my opinion, with its tale of Mexican luchadores and undead denizens fighting in a world that’s very colourful and quite humourous. Now Drinkbox Studios has announced a new package for the game entitled the Bundle Fantástico , which is set to release next week on PSN.

The bundle will include a copy of the game which will be cross buy, the El Diablo’s Domain and Costume Pack DLCs, the remastered official soundtrack, three Guacamelee themes and 10 avatars.

The Bundle Fantástico will cost £13.99//€17.99. If you already own the game there is no way to upgrade to the bundle. It will release on Wednesday 22nd January. If you’ve not read Peter’s review you can do so here.

Source: PSN Blog


  1. I found some of the challenges in El Diablo’s Domain considerably tough. I still need to go back and 100% this one.

    Great game, I do agree!

    • Try playing co-op mate, can make it easier. Sadly it’s local co-op only though.

      Still one of my all time favourite games, love it! Can’t wait for the PS4 version.

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