Sony Confirms Gran Turismo Movie

Sony has confirmed the rumoured Gran Turismo movie, according to the BBC.


The article states that the movie “is in development” but Sony isn’t providing “any further details about the movie or when it would be made.”

The BBC re-iterates rumours that The Social Network and Fifty Shades of Grey producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti are involved with the movie.



  1. How and why?

    • It’s a two hour spectacle, as we watch Kaz descend into OCD-fuelled madness. The end of the two hour pixel-fest ends abruptly when Kaz takes his own life after seeing a dodgy shadow in the real world.

      • Haha. Ok, that actually sounds pretty good.

        I wonder if a sequel will be made and it will follow the GT tradition and be largely the same as the previous movie but with better graphics?

  2. Young up and coming race driver only has enough cash for a 2nd hand Skyline.
    Races to earn cash, often wins by crashing into other drivers, and ramming them off the tracks.
    Debates whether to get a bigger intercooler or mod the exhaust.
    In the mean time falls hopelessly in love with B-Spec Bob.
    Culminates with him earning a place in a le mans team, but has to do the entire race single handedly after his team mates contract a flesh eating disease.

    • Sold!

    • Don’t forget the half an hour portion of the film where he has to drive the same corner over and over in order to get a gold medal on his driving licence test…

  3. There is no plot. What this will be is a completely original script which uses the Gran Turismo name to create credibility instead of earning it. It might be great but it annoys me when film makers are this cynical.

  4. Honestly, I think what would work best is some sort of documentary, following Kaz and some of the GT Academy boys as they go through 24h of Nurburgring. Something like that would be most appropriate for where the game series has come from.

    I don’t want to see it turn into a F&F clone, or anything particularly silly like that. I think that would be a flop.

  5. It’s probably going to be made using only in-game assest, and will be the first proper film in 60FPS and 3D, making The Hobbit look SO last year. Unfortunately, the blu-ray menu will be so bad, no one will be able to understand it.

    • And it won’t come out for about 6 years

      • That’s a bit quick for anything GT.

  6. Flop

  7. WOW. That’s a waste. I love GT, but to me this sounds as disastrous as the final fantasy movie was. (Spirits within) *I think*

  8. And out of all the possible Sony franchises to translate into a movie format, who’s idea was it to single out GT?

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