What We Played #115: Saints Row, Football Manager 2013 and Fallout: New Vegas

What We Played

I had a narrow escape this week. Following a rough couple of weeks my resolve almost crumbled and I was moments away from giving in to the perspective that at 9PM “a quick game of Civilization V” would be possible. It must be the heat. Fortunately common sense prevailed and I dodged that particular sleep-depriving bullet.

I did, however, spend a few hours at the weekend spearing aliens with beams of coherent light and cannon shells as I returned once more to tick off another couple of gold medals in Defence Grid: The Awakening. It’s just such a great game.


The “pretty enjoyable” Saints Row The Third has been keeping Kris entertained despite the controls being “a little clunky”. “I’m trying to play it in a vaguely realistic fashion, rather than the general insanity that the game’s known for, but that may slip away as I progress.” I have to admit that “vaguely realistic” isn’t a phrase I normally associate with SR3 unless it’s prefixed with “not even”.

Blair is trying to do a bit of Steam Sale catching up, something many of us have tried and frequently failed at at this time of year. He’s started with the “brilliant and mad indie title” Fez which he’s finding “really fun, but also quite difficult”.

I also played Fallout: New Vegas, which I was disappointed by when I had it on PS3. On PC it’s a much better experience; there are fewer bugs and lots of mods to choose from. I also realised after I found some glasses that I had accidentally created Walter White from Breaking Bad as my character, which I’m still taken aback by now and then.

It’s a good game, with plenty to do. Hopefully I’ll find the time soon to disappear into it, I loved Fallout 3.

I continue to form the impression that I should get around to watching Breaking Bad at some point… but before then I’ve got to fill you in on what Peter’s been playing. Unfortunately as the game in question is Rayman Legends he’s not allowed to say much “aside from the fact that it’s very much like Rayman Origins and I like that very much”.

[drop2]This is why I always keep some thin slivers of bamboo handy: they’re so much better than thumbscrews and easier to ‘lose’ in the compost when you’re done. Suddenly feeling a little more talkative Peter added that “the relative simplicity of a 2D side scroller means they can be particularly fastidious about their level design – and they do some very interesting and fun things, even in just the short preview I had access to”.

Aran’s been enjoying Infamous 2, liking how the game initially opens up and then goes on, continuing to expanding. Though recognising that the game has plenty of content already included he’s also having fun seeing what people have come up with in the user-generated missions. What he’s played so far of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation is yet to grab him due to a story that’s left him unsure of what’s going on and the sense that “it feels a bit empty”.

It’s not a Steam Sale backlog but a PlayStation Plus one that’s sucking on Tuffcub’s free time. Topping the list was Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, a “wonderful little game” that he’s “really, really enjoying”. His Killzone 3 online adventures passed the milestone of an entire week’s worth of hours shooting things with orange or blue lights on. He reckons “this may be a tad excessive”. Perhaps TC, perhaps.

Failing his willpower roll, unlike me, DanToo made the “terrible mistake” of starting to play Football Manager 2013. I needed rehab after an encounter with one of the early versions and it doesn’t seem like much has changed. “It’s so bloody addictive”, says Dan, “I’ve been through two and a half seasons, and managed 4 different clubs so far, in the space of a week”.

I was unfairly sacked from Man Utd, the new manager is doing a terrible job, then I moved to Oldham who I resigned from as I couldn’t pull the team out of the relegation zone with 10 games left. Then West Ham offered me a job, whom I saved from relegation with 7 games to go in the Prem.

Then they sacked me following the start of a new season for no reason. I was then approached by Crewe, where I had the team go 10 games unbeaten, and was managing a safe spot in the play-offs half way through the season. The club then threatened to sack me so I resigned. I’m left unemployed searching for a club. Yeah, I need to get a life…

Cold turkey Dan, it’s the only way, the shakes whenever you see a team sheet on Match of the Day go away in time. Portal 2, despite being longer than he expected and with the stabilizing influence of a friend in co-op wasn’t the cure he was looking for.

Neither was the downloaded Under The Sea which he didn’t really like as he “just [doesn’t] know what he’s meant to do, which is never a good sign when playing a game”. I guess it wouldn’t let him play Bale alongside Coutinho and Snodgrass in midfield no matter how much he tried.

“A few minutes of” Chivalry: Medieval Warfare seemed like “it could be fun” until that was ruined when the referee failed to penalize the opposition team for a particularly heinous foul which saw his king hacked down from behind.

Oh for those happy, carefree days when fantasy football meant you were using your school jumpers as posts. Speaking of fantasy football hop over to our forums if you’d like to play a bit of Fantasy Premier League with some of the site regulars.

Have you been working through a backlog or coping (or not) with your gaming addiction this week?



  1. I borrowed Dead Island Riptide off a friend and wasn’t expecting to like it after the reviews but I thought it was really enjoyable. It does have it’s share of glitches and bugs e.g the sound went off 10 minutes into the opening but the gameplay is solid and the islands are pretty good. If you can get it cheap then it’s probably worth a go.

  2. Been playing the last of us online, I still don’t get how to make my clan survive till week 2, they usually die at week 6 aahh!

    Tried to get back into AC3 but it’s so boring I went back to TLOU

    • The Mission challenges get harder each time you use one (e.g. “get 3 downs with the burst rifle” will then become “get 7 downs with the burst rifle”). Therefore save all the obtainable/easy Mission challenge for when you get “100% Risk of losing your clan” Mission to avoid ever losing all your survivors – (I recommend on the gifting and marking challenges for ease, and the Downs challenges whenever they are “<3 Downs". Whenever you get a Mission to increase your clan, I would pick something that you are either crap at or that you wouldn't want to risk using when you get the "100% Risk of losing your clan" Missions. When playing with the Hunters I managed to leave the gifting and marking challenges for weeks 11 and 12 which made things a bit easier. Be warned though, I think the Marking challenge goes from 7 up to 21 after one use! Also, since unlocks carry over and more people have levelled up, there are more people that can't be marked (so I'd stick with the gifting items and easy Downs). Hope that helps ;)

      • Ah that sounds bliss (never used that word but sounded appropriate lol) I will give it a go, been trying for a whole month now to figure how to do it.

      • No worries, and good luck! I’m stuck at 96 Survivors, I just can’t seem to hit the 100 Mark which is annoying as I’d unlock a few extra things!! ;)

  3. Mainly Dead Island Riptide, should get the platinum with McProley next week (we’ve been playing the entire game co-op). I completed The Last of Us last weekend, thought it was great and for such an understated ending, thought it was left brilliantly. Then a bit of The Last Of Us multiplayer. But most of my time has been spent playing through all 55 stadiums for the FIFA 13 Vita platinum….been playing 4-5 matches a day, so hope to have it done soon!

  4. Amazingly, this has been the first 7-day period in a long time where I haven’t fired up Gears3! Instead I sat down with the Mrs this week and put a fair few hours into our new Wii-U.

    Starting with Mario Bros U, which I managed to pick up over the weekend for £15 from GAME; a bargain price given how much online retailers want for it at the moment. We have played through it before, but it was great to come back to it and tackle some of the harder challenges – particularly the 2 player ones which require one player to place blocks using the gamepad while the other player uses the wiimote/pro controller. Typical Mario fun and money well spent.
    We also put a worrying amount of time into the Hasbro Family Game Night collection, playing rounds of Battleship, Sorry and Sliders. Simple but good fun, especially given the whole game cost us £4.
    Finally, we played a few rounds of Guitar Hero. I’d forgotten how awesome that was. Dragonforce, Machine Head, Metallica. Yes please :-D

    I also checked out plenty of reviews/previews of Pikmin 3 and decided I will have to pick it up once I have worked through the Wii-U backlog. Never played a Pikmin game before but it looks excellent. Cheapest price I’ve seen is £25 at the moment, so will wait a bit until it hits that magic “sub-£20” mark.

  5. I’ve set a goal not to play FM13 today!

    Ages ago I bought New Vegas on PC after having it on PS3 (which I loved) so if Blair says it’s better on PC I should really go and try it out.

    • And wasted half an hour of my time by asking for advice on how to complete a quest only for me to discover that you were playing on the default diffculty. ;)

      • Haha yeah not my finest gaming moment…
        I also failed to not play FM, but my team’s top of the league so I don’t care.

  6. Not much this week, I played a few missions of Devil May Cry on PS3 (enjoying it much more than the demo) and a few more levels of Rayman Origins on Vita.

  7. This week as been abit of gaming and reading. I have started a new civ v save and trying my best not to put every other civ to the sword is hard.

    Started reading WH40k Ahirman and its is brilliant so far.

    I don’t which is worst for devouring time Civ V or football manager . I will have a blast at your TSA fantasy football

  8. Blair, download some mods and you may enjoy it even more. I would reccomend getting the bullet time mod as it’s much better then VATS.

    I’ve not have that much time for gaming this week. Overall, i’ve only managed 8ish hours and that’s not including Sunday’s 6 hour session. But I have been playing Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition. Got the rite of kindling, kicked Pinwheel’s arse. I defeated the gaping dragon although it was a close call several times. Am in Lagtown. My favourite place in the game. What’s not to like, toxic dart shooters, lag, the poison swamp, can easily fall to your death./sarcasm. I really fucking hate those dart shooters. Am using Black Knight Sword as my weapon as it’s excellent. Thinking of having the Zweihander as my second one due to it flattening enemies because it’s an ultra greatsword. Oh and I’ve cut the tails of the bosses who grant weapons if you cut their tails off. Oh and I’m playing this offline by the way as I have no choice.

    Think I did play a bit of Batman:AC but i’m not entirely sure.

  9. Finally picked up Thomas Was Alone, and played the first 20 odd levels. That’s all though. Weather has been too good! Breaking Bad is the best TV show ever. Cannot recommend it enough. Last episodes start in 2 weeks! Can’t wait!

    • Just remembered, my Saints Row 3 character was a Heisenberg lookalike! Badass!

  10. Not much, still playing Dust: An Elysian Tale but I might be able to finish this soon.

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