Sony Offering Chance to Win Tickets to Gamescom Conference


If you’re going to Gamescom 2013 and you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, then Sony’s latest competition might be worth a look – they’re offering the chance for fifty subscribers to “upgrade” their Gamescom trip by winning a ticket to see Sony’s conference live.

It’s a smart move, hopefully encouraging more people to go to the show and perhaps even sign up to PlayStation Plus, with them teasing that winners will “be there to hear some of the hottest news from the industry, even before it hits the games press and the blogs.”

Entry closes on August 5th, so you better be quick if you’re planning to head to Germany for the show and want to watch Sony’s conference in the flesh.

Remember, they’re going to be focusing on PS4 and with just a few months until release, we can expect some big things to come out of their conference, so seeing it up close would be marvellous.

This doesn’t include your trip to Gamescom, so only enter (here) if you’re already going.


  1. I have entered =D
    Good luck everyone ;)

  2. Well, since Gamescom doesn’t open to the public until thursday, I guess most travelers have already bocked travels and hotels from that day forward. Kind of late to have this now…

    • I think the comps been running a couple of weeks.

      • They had a compo where you could win a _trip_ to Gamescom, this you have to organize yourself, they only let you into the press event.

      • Yeah, that’s the one I was thinking of.

  3. Hmm. When I click the link it takes me to a page where I can click “Enter Now”. After doing this I’m greeted with a “Thank you for entering”? That’s a bit odd as I haven’t logged in to my PSN account and thus cannot have been registered by Sony in this context.

    I can’t find it on the or the blog – is there a better link for it somewhere?

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