What We Played #116: Quell Memento, TSA and Football Chairman

What We Played

Let me start by saying that wherever you were Thursday night I hope it was not as uncomfortably humid as it was where I was writing this.  I can only assume that unlike our Scandinavian friends I’m not genetically predisposed to enjoy impromptu saunas.

I did manage to find some time for gaming at the weekend and despite lots of thoughts about what I might play I only ended up playing Defence Grid: The Awakening again. Though it’s been a while since I played the game extensively on the PC, playing the game again on my 360 I clearly learnt and have remembered (bonus!) plenty as I’m doing much better this time through.


Quell Memento turned out to be “a nice relaxing title” for Aran which he found good for playing “after a long day”.  He’s also played a mobile game called The Silent Age, that’s apparently “a really good point and click game about a guy who finds a time machine who traverses between the mid 20th century and the fall of society”.

Fall of society?  So that’s what, the early 21st century when it’s discovered that Sony have licensed for the PS4 the DRM technology that Microsoft originally developed for the Xbox One?  That would probably do it.  The outpourings of vitriolic hatred would burst the Intertubez and the world as we know it would end.  There’s a cheery thought.

On the subject of the world ending cheery thoughts, Blair has taken on a new gaming challenge recently:

I’ve been playing “Let’s Edit with TSA” – it’s quite a fun simulator and you play the editor of a great gaming site. There’s lots to do, from writing news, to editing and scheduling posts, to even writing your own articles.

The only part I had problems with was the email section, where you have to respond to a constant flow of emails, much like a rhythm game. It’s a long grind but you get some good outcomes!

Overall, it’s a good game with plenty of longevity – I feel like I could play it forever right now. Plus, the people on multiplayer are fantastic.

Maybe we’ll come back to him in a month or two and see whether the game still feels as fresh then.  As it is there are already concerns about his sanity.  He claims to have found a bug in Fallout: New Vegas where after leaving a casino the background chatter refuses to go away.

Whether he busies himself with shooting Feral Ghouls, taking the venom out of Radscorpions or waltzing with Super Mutants he “can hear people talking and enjoying themselves”.  He says it’s not fun and is putting him off the game.

I suggest the voices are either in his head entirely and just happened to start when he entered the casino or it’s just real people who are outside enjoying the free time they have as a result of not editing a website.  Do you have any other theories?

Clearly being continuously sacked in Football Manager 2013 hasn’t completely put DanToo off however he does seem to have sought solace elsewhere.  You know how it is often the case that those who have been bullied can become bullies themselves?

Well DanToo has discovered an iOS game called Football Chairman which presumably allows him to sack managers for spiteful or whimsical reasons.  He seems to be enjoying the power too.  At least before things get too bad he has been chilling out with Flow and Flower.

Have you succumbed to the voices or developed an irrational desire to sack people recently?



  1. Had a decent week of gaming evenings since my wife took the kids away for a week with her friend and her kids….some of us still have to work!

    Last weekend I played a few hours of Black Ops 2 multiplayer, making the most of the Double XP weekend…I’ve prestiged once and would just like to reach level 55 again to have access to all the perk/weapon unlocks.

    Managed to platinum Fifa 13 on Vita so now I have the Fifa 13 platinum of PS3 and Vita. I also platinumed Dead Island Riptide with McProley. Once of my collectables didn’t register towards the trophy progress but fortunately I checked an earlier save file (thank God I back things up) and identified that it was one early on, and was able to start another game and re-collect it. I guess I was also lucky that the trophy progress counts across all your save files! But be warned anyone else trying to get platinum or collectables trophies.

    I also finished the my 12-weeks with the Fireflies on The Last Of Us so I’ve done the Hunters and Fireflies now so can hopefully get the platinum at some point. And I fired up God of War Ascension which seems decent!

    I also played 3 chapters of my co-op (Pure Survivor) Dead Space 3 playthrough with McProley, and helped him with some of the Tomb Raider online trophies.

    Finally I’ve been playing the new DLC for Guacamelee and have managed to earn Gold on about 10 of the 17 challenges so far.

    Tonight I may try the new Blops2 zombie DLC, the BioShock Infinite DLC, or start my Dead Space 3 Hardcore playthrough!

  2. Platinum TLOU thanks to some useful MP tips from Youles last week. I had trophy glitches with the conversation & shiv doors they got stuck on 35 & 12 instead of 37 & 13 had to play it 3 times & still didn’t pop up.

    So here is my advice if you end up with 35 conversation & 12 shiv doors count. Chapter select the museum, that chapter is the bug of the game, once you chapter select it and do the shiv door & conversation on that level trophy pops up :)

    QUESTION??? I downloaded 400 days walking dead but it’s not appearing in my game list, do I need to redownload walking dead again?

    • Congrats on the plat, and was happy to help! ;)

      Yes, you need to download the entire TWD game, as 400 Days is DLC, not a seperate game. :)

      • Oh that explains a lot then, I shall download it later. Cheers :)

      • Think you only need to download chapter 1. That’s what it says on the store anyway.

  3. Sueprfrog, more Thunderwolves because its just silly fun, Killzone 3 and NOT KILLZONE MERCENARY.

    Stoopid bloody beta invites.

  4. I’ve been playing loads of Everybody’s golf on PS3, I nearly didn’t buy it as I’ve already platinumed the Vita version but it’s just as much fun on the big screen.
    Apart from that I’m still continuing my daily doses of Animal Crossing and I’m currently in the process of rearranging my furniture as I’ve completed all the normal and themed HHA point challenges so I have no reason to impress Lyle anymore.
    I purchased both Cloudberry Kingdom and Superfrog HD on Wednesday but have yet to spend any length of time on either. I also picked up a copy of Wonderbook for a tenner the other day along with a few more BR movies to add to my collection (courtesy of Blockbusters summer sale).

  5. Nothing major this week really as I’ve been pretty busy.
    Picked up Nintendoland over the weekend but haven’t had chance to put it in the tray yet. Also grabbed Guitar Hero Metallica, which my Wife and I played a little bit yesterday.
    Also my mates and I made a bit more of a dent in our co-op insane playthrough of Gears3. Should have it finished later tonight.

  6. “Have you succumbed to the voices or developed an irrational desire to sack people recently?”

    I know one person I have a perfectly rational desire to sack now ;)

  7. I’ve sacked three managers so far! On Football Manager I’ve only been sacked 5 times, none of which I deserved…wait…maybe not.

  8. Had a good week despite having a VERY grouchy baby. Played through Thomas Was Alone and 100% it. Found it enjoyable, but far too easy. Also played through episodes 2-5 of The Walking Dead and got the platinum. Not a huge fan of the TV series, but did enjoy this game and there were a few decent surprises that kept it not too predictable. As for next week, saw Sleeping Dogs in Sainsburys for £5 so thought I’d give it a go while I wait for GTA5! Oh, also put in a pre-order for a PS4 this week at Shopto.net :-)

    • Played a couple of hours of Sleeping Dogs and I’m impressed. Lots of stuff to do/collect. Should keep me busy for a while!

  9. Rayman Origins on Vita, Devil May Cry on Ps3.
    Also played a few levels of Worms Crazy Golf and tried the Narco “something?” demo that was on the store – it plays very much like Dead Nation – without the zombies. I prefer DN though.

  10. Got a bunch of stuff on the Vita this week to play with.

    Killzone Mercenary, Quell Memento, PixelJunk Monsters HD, Urban Trials and Sly Cooper. As well as Lego LotR and When Vikings Attack from PS+.

    Should keep me busy.

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