Has Left 4 Dead 3 Leaked?

There’s an old internet joke about Valve not being able to count to the number three. If any of their franchises were to get a third instalment, Left 4 Dead would be the one that made most sense – there are plenty of stories to tell from that world and a renewed cast each time, with plenty of room for improvement for each title.

Team Fortress 3 is unlikely – TF2 has evolved into TF7 with all the improvements and updates it has had over the years (hats! guns! trading!) while Portal 3 probably won’t ever happen unless they’ve got a good reason for it. And Half Life 3? Well, that’s become a bit of a joke itself.


So, anyway, Left 4 Dead 3. No details yet, but it looks like it exists. It has been outed because of a picture taken by one of the members of the DotA 2 subreddit who went along to take a sneak peak at some new content for that title.

The above image is a picture taken of an internal change log, which the team probably shouldn’t have taken a picture of. It says “[Source2]Restored L4D3’s devtest unit text. Ran locally 6 times without an assert. There may be so…” and then cuts off there. Assuming that last word is “some”, then some what?

I doubt we’ll ever find out, but look, L4D3 is mentioned! That’s going to be a lot of fun. And Source Engine 2 makes sense for a new generation of consoles, really.

It makes us question whether this teaser site is actually real. If so, see you in 15 days time. Isn’t that during Gamescom?



  1. I’m waiting for Left 4 Dead 4.. ;)
    Anyway, it’s not Half Life 3, so boo..

  2. Valve are such a hit and miss company for me. Hated Half Life and Team Fortress but I do love some Left4Dead. Hopefully “L4D3 – You Sunk My Battleship” eventually sees a release.

    • Dont understand how someone could hate Half life? Other than being the greatest FPS or at its worst – a much better FPS than most others? Perhaps you didn’t like the story, or something?

      • Just never really got into it for some reason. It sits on my “I should like this game but I don’t” list along with other titles such as Metal Gear Solid 3, Zelda OoT, Bioshock Infinite, Final Fantasy 7, Shadow of the Colossus and GTA 4. There’s obviously something wrong with me, lol.

        Lack of co-op lets Half Life down for me I guess as I much prefer to play shooters with other people.

  3. Why is it unlikely they’ll make Portal 3?

    • They’d likely make a prequel rather than a direct Portal 3, I think. Where could they go for Portal 3?

      • They could change the ending of Portal 2.

        They did it for Portal when they decided to make a sequel…

  4. Team Fortress 7, dam right

  5. I think a Portal 3 could happen. A prequel would be pretty cool too though. Maybe have everything happen outside the test chambers like everything gets unleashed upon the world. Idk.

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