TSA’s Top 100 Of 2013 Recap 40-36: Prey 2, XCOM and Total War Rome II

Another day and another five games to revisit as TSA looks back at the titles that we were excited about seeing this year. This time we’re Walking With Dinosaurs while looking for Prey in the Rain, while Romans and aliens go to war. How exciting.


40. XCOM (Shooter)


Since its initial announcement the XCOM shooter went through quite the change. disappearing earlier this year completely only to reappear at the end of April as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. The game looks to be a tactical third person, squad based shooter. The tactical part looks similar to that found in XCOM: Enemy Unknown (which I loved). Stefan even got some hands on time with the game calling it  “a fresh experience for the series.”


That trailer is incredibly light hearted but it shows the crux of the gameplay. After the mixed and uncertain development behind The Bureau there is an actual released date of August 23rd in the UK.

39. Total War: Rome II

39. Total War Rome II

The Total War franchise is one of the best RTS series around. For me it began with Shogun Total War many years ago, and since then I’ve looked forward to the release of the new titles in the genre, even though I don’t always have time to play them.

Total War Rome II has been featured quite a lot on TSA this week with Stefan first gaining some hands on time with the early campaign missions, and then speaking first to Creative Assembly’s Al Bickham about the campaign, as well as to Jamie Ferguson about Rome II’s battle tactics. Bit of a busy man, our Stefan.

Total War Rome II will be releasing on September 3rd.

38. Prey 2

38. Prey 2

The fate of Prey 2 is a complete mystery. Originally announced in 2011 the follow up to the 2006 original has had a bit of a weird development story around it, including cancellation rumours and alleged developer changes too. So let’s recap.

The main confusion began when Prey 2 was rumoured to have been cancelled by Zenimax. However Bethesda came out and said that the game instead would not meet the 2012 release date due to unsatisfactory development. Then Prey 2 was removed from Bethesda’s product pages with a statement saying the page was for only upcoming titles. Things went quiet.

This year rumours came out that Human Head Studios had been dumped as the developer, with Arkane (Dishonoured) taking on the project and starting from scratch. Once again Bethesda had another denial up its sleeve, this time saying Arkane were not involved.

Maybe we’ll see Prey 2 and maybe we won’t. Just don’t expect it any time soon.

37. Walking with Dinosaurs

37. Walking With Dinosaurs (Wonderbook)

Walking With Dinosaurs was announced at Gamescom last year though news on the Wonderbook title has been sparse since then. The only real signs of life was the above trailer which appeared at this year’s E3, which reiterates the educational angle that the game will be going for.

There doesn’t seem to an official release date as of yet, though Zavvi have a placeholder of November 25th. Here’s hoping Supermassive release more information soon.

36. Rain

36. Rain

Rain was a title that surprised us when it was first unveiled last year. The game is a puzzler where all the characters are invisible, with their silhouettes highlighted by a constant downpour. In fact Stefan previewed the game a few months ago, and it appears to have made quite the impression on him.

It does look like it will follow in the minimalist style of Journey, Unfinished Swan and Limbo. Hopefully it will prove just to be as interesting as those titles too.

Rain will be releasing at some point during the Autumn.


Join us tomorrow for games 35-31. I wonder what they’ll be.



  1. Rome 2 is my most anticipated game for this year, can’t wait to get stuck into the campaign!

  2. I preview all the things.

  3. Really cant wait for Rome 2, I think it’s the only time I’ve pre-purchased a game on Steam.

  4. Best one ever for me. Four out of five of these interest me hugely. Only Total War Rome II that doesn’t. :-P

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