Cory Barlog Returns To Sony Santa Monica

Earlier today we mentioned that Cory Barlog, game director of God of War II had hinted that there would be a “crazy announcement” and speculation was rife, what could it be?

Well, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, Cory has got his old job back. I am sure is “crazy” for him but perhaps less so for the rest of us.


“What am I working on, you ask? Good question,” posts Cory of the PlayStation blog, “Sadly, I cannot tell you…yet. But I can say that it is freaking huge, and it will live up to the standards that I helped establish here at SMS. We’re putting together a team as I type this.”

So to summarise, bloke has changed jobs, hasn’t even started making a new game.

Crazy, eh?

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Well, it was crazy disappointing at least.

  2. Hopefully it’s a new IP he’s come back to work one – I’ve never been interested in any GoW game.

  3. Oh Cory, you are one crazy guy.

    Based off this ‘crazy announcement’, I’ll be taking the ‘freaking huge’ something he’s working on with a pinch of salt. It’s probably a flat pack wardrobe from ikea.

  4. I hate news like this. Not TSA reporting on it but the fact that every slag with Twitter telling us that they have MASSIVE NEWS or has an INCREDIBLE REVEAL!

    Job change. Yeah. Well done, fella! Glad you think that’s so important. Egotist.

    • Go and read his full blog via the link.

      • Just did, fella. What was I looking for?

    • I got nicked for my MASSIVE REVEAL in the park last week!

  5. The man’s got talent, I can’t wait to see what Balrogs 11 (read his post for explanation) can bring to Playstation in a few years.

    How many teams do SSM have now, eleventy?

    • That’s what I take away from this announcement. SSM must now have 5+ teams on the go:

      GOW 3 team (Stig Asmussen”s team), GOW Ascension team, The Order 1886 (in collaboration with Ready at Dawn), then the teams that help indies.

      Are there more than that?

  6. has the “s” in “tsa” changed meaning to “sarcastic”?

    • Nah, TSA’s always been a bit snarky. Tuffcub more than most, maybe.

      • And the S now stands for Steven because they like to make me feel important. :P

  7. great news loved God Of War 2. this means a great game is being made people

  8. Have you read the actual blog post? Christ, what a pretentious a****le.

    • Just read it and have to say I didn’t get that feeling at all. To me, most of it felt like it was written very tongue in cheek. Pretentious a****le is a little strong!

  9. I really hope this is not SSM’s first PS4 title, because if they have just started working on something then it’ll be years away…
    Hated GOW2 so not too fuzzed about the news that he’s back.

  10. I assume hell be working on the game that the Battlestar Gallactica writer is working on at santa monica

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