First Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Gameplay Footage & New Details

The Call of Duty multiplayer reveal is currently underway and there’s so much information coming out of it that we’re finding it hard to keep up! Click over to here to watch it live – there’s about half an hour left to go.


The above trailer should give you a look at what’s to come, but you’ll be able to watch the full thing on the site once the livestream has finished.

New information is that it includes female soldiers in multiplayer, will have its own dedicated app, feature cross-generation stats and even customisable characters with over twenty thousand possible combinations, plus plenty of new weapons.

It also includes dogs and the above trailer features a song from Eminem that’s never been played before today, while the below video shows the squad gameplay.

Source: YouTube



  1. Love the sound of squads and enhanced visual customisation. Still, the saturation of gun mods and killstreaks has ruined the series a bit for me. I still revisit World at War on occasion and would happily hold it up as my favourite CoD.

  2. Looks really good – lots of new additions while keeping the core gameplay the same.

  3. Looks decent enough for me. No major changes really. The one thing that stood out for me is that death streaks are out (yay) and there’s more of a focus on ground killstreaks instead of air superiority which I like the sound of….. Give me basic UAV, airstrike and chopper any day though. I’ve always said I’ll buy it and nothing has changed.

  4. Looks great. Female characters doesn’t matter to me (that is to say, they should have already been there so it doesn’t win points for adding them), but a lot of those features look good. A shame they didn’t bother with a new engine though and that they’re inexplicably still showing off dogs like anyone cares, but I’ll be getting it if I have some spare cash at some point.

  5. Not as impressive as i thought it would be. seems they’re taking a page out of BF with destructible environment and what looks like vehicles? i think i saw a sniper in a chopper.

    • That was a para sniper, a killstreak or something… Where you floating down toward the map with a ‘chute picking off guys on the ground

    • just re-watched the trailer and yeah, i saw the guy sniping from a choppa…. interesting

  6. Was really impressed by the whole reveal. Seems they have just made lots of small tweaks like the player movement, removal of Death Streaks, leaning around corners, changeable maps, choosing your unlocks. Thank Christ the visuals look good, and I love the sound of 6-player Squad co-op – should make for some good TSA meets.

    I still have a few concerns – as displayed by that Crank game mode, I don’t want the focus (like with Blops) where everyone charges forwards and you rarely string more than a few kills together (the spawning doesn’t help either). If this is the case I may just be forced to play the more tactical, slower paced game modes like Search & Destroy….or buy BF4! Another is the maps, they still look pretty tight and focused on CQ, and it may be hard to play some of the bigger maps since people always vote for the CQ maps. Sometimes it would be nice to use a Sniper Rifle or Assault Rifle.

    • Oh, and I really fucking hope Eminem doesn’t feature in the game.

      • If you want more tactial then BF4 is the way to go. Gunplay looks more COD like too, so you might get the best of both. I have to say the Squad thing looked good, but its just not enough for me.

      • Yeah, I would get BF4 although I find BF a bit elitest, I struggle to drop into a game and have fun. Since I don’t play it much, I just get hammered by the experts. CoD serves a purchase in terms of its accessability, and I’ll stick to the smaller 4-player Team Tactical modes, and Search & Destroy…and I also love the Spec Ops missions that Infinity Ward do, since I play them co-op with friends.

        That said, I may still pick BF4 up since I doubt I’ll buy another Treyarch CoD (the following year), and if MoH is taking a breather, then BF will still be being played for a long time after it’s release.

        Or, maybe even Killzone, although I find that a bit bland and will get my Killzone fix via the Vita version.

      • i’ll end up buying both, but then get frustrated by BF4 by being shite at it, and never play it again…..

  7. looks about as bland as they always are to be brutally honest. i was hoping for a lot more on the next gen consoles, but it seems they wont be changing their magic formula. BF4 it is then, watching these have made my decision.

  8. The actually gameplay elements of that trailer are not all that visually stunning. I thought i was watching footage from the PS3/360 versions at times.

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