Tesco Is Listing Dark Souls II For Xbox One & PS4

Here’s an in interesting little puzzle for you. From Software have always denied that a next gen version of Dark Souls II exists, leaving it as a current gen title releasing next year. They considered creating a version of the incredibly Dark Souls II for the PS4 and Xbox One but decided against it.

So why are Tesco listing the game for the next generation?


This could go either two ways. One is that Tesco has managed to leak another title, just like they did with Call Of Duty: Ghosts, or option two, and this I feel is more likely, someone very hopeful has put this in the database, just like what happened with the Football Manager 2014 Vita at Shopto.

We’ve contacted the involved parties for an answer.

Source: Tesco via Overall Verdict


  1. Seems really silly not to release a next-gen counterpart given it’s releasing next year.
    Tesco have the wrong release date there.

  2. I would have said it was next-gen from the start going of the graphics.

    So ps4 version it is then..

  3. I would take this with a pinch of salt – Tesco have also listed NHL 14 for Xbox One, even though it wasn’t included in the announced ‘big 4’ EA Sports games for next gen and traditionally NHL games have never featured in the first wave of next gen EA Sports releases.

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