Killzone Mercenary Beta Opens Up Next Week For Plus Members

Sony has just announced that the Killzone Mercenary beta will open up to PlayStation Plus members on August 21st, available after the Store update on the day I assume.

For every other Vita owner the beta will be available from the 28th of August, a week after the initial Plus rollout. However, it’s different if you’re in Germany where only Plus members will gain access to the beta, though a reason hasn’t been stated on the PS Blog.

The beta will run until the 3rd of September, which means two whole weeks of shooter shenanigans for Plus people. Of course if you were one of the lucky few who already had access to the closed beta you’ll have a whale of a time taking out newbies.

If you haven’t already seen it you can watch our preview of Killzone: Mercenary here.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Not really into Killzone but might just give it a go. Hoping to get an invite for the up and coming Ridge Racer Driftopia beta though.

  2. Anyone in the private beta know how big it is? I’ve only got an 8gb memory card so I’ll need to delete some stuff but wondered how ruthless I need to be!

    • Mine says 2176MB. Best get deleting stuff :P

  3. Germany’s non-plussers can’t have the beta as their laws state no 18 rated game can be played for free or in demo format. Presumably as you pay for plus this is the loophole how they can release it.

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