Explosive New inFamous Second Son Trailer


inFamous Second Son got an explosive new trailer at Gamescom, which really demonstrates the graphical prowess of the PlayStation 4. As well as showing off inFamous’ new protagonist Deslin Rowe in combat, we also saw how he can consume conduits powers.

Second Son is planned for a Spring 2014 release, with an April release heavily rumoured.

You can read Jim’s preview of the game here.


  1. This looks amazing. However, I fear I’m the only one. I hope Sony’s marketing for their exclusive games is up to scratch but I’m scared.

    • Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. inFamous 1&2 were two of my favourite games this gen and I can’t wait for this. That’s two guaranteed sales at least haha. I really hope you can customise Deslin though… That god damn beenie is going to annoy the hell outta me.

    • You are not the only one who is excited about Second Son. It seems like Sony have turned a corner in many areas relating to Playstation. Here’s hoping they can get their marketing for games sorted as well.

      • You’re not alone ill wait till the end of time,open your mind maybe it’s tim…that’s enough of that lol yeah seriously looking forward to this loved infamous 2and this looks lovely.

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