Xbox One Getting CoD: Ghosts Bundle, Dedicated Servers

Activision and Microsoft are partnering up to release a premium console bundle. It will include an Xbox One with Kinect as well as Call of Duty Ghosts and some exclusive in-game content. There’s been no word on price.

The publisher also confirmed that Ghosts will have dedicated servers running on Xbox One. Using Microsoft’s Azure cloud service -much like Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall- CoD players won’t have to solely rely on host connections.

With FIFA and Call of Duty currently under its belt, Microsoft is really throwing down the gauntlet as we approach next-gen.

Whether Sony has similar gambits up its sleeve remains unknown, at least for a few more hours. So far both consoles have near-enough matched each-other blow for blow despite Microsoft’s continued fumbling.



  1. Now that’s something we know Sony won’t match! CoD has needed dedicated servers for years.

    • What CoD has needed is some good netcode, dedicated servers will help significantly but don’t expect it to be without lag and its associated problems.

      Sony are on good terms with Google, I’m sure they could agree a decent deal for server power, although it won’t be as cheap as Microsoft can offer with their own Azure network.

      • Its the host migration that mostly disrupted games I’ve played, so it’ll be nice to have an end to it.

  2. COD needs dedicated servers this time round because the game looks like the same old stuff, even graphically. Compared to BF4 it looks shit to be honest. Without that persuasion I think this game wouldn’t be going as well as before.

    Good for Microsoft to grab this, the usual “throw money at stuff” could work for them again.

    Even if Sony don’t do anything like this, their games are much more interesting than playing the same old games like COD/FIFA on my new shiny next gen console.

    Give me interesting games all day please, thank you.

  3. Dedicated servers doesn’t bother me too much, although it is obviously preferable. The hacking bothers me on CoD though….now MW3 has invisible players ffs, so these games have a very short shelf-life now.

    • Invisible players?

      Go and play World At War. Everyone is invulnerable and can fly :P

      • “Everyone”? At least it’s a level playing field then ;)

        In all seriousness though, MW3 is a more current game, and IW’s last game, so it’s really disappointing that when I like to return to an older game for a few matches, it’s ruined. No doubt people will try to hack the PS4 and it’s games as soon as they are released.

  4. Here’s a question: Do you think this bundle will still come with the downloadable copy of FIFA14? If so, this one bundle would contain all the next-gen gaming I could possibly want for the whole year!

      • I’m not sure that price is that good though. On PS4 it would only be about £459.97 (£349.99 + £54.99 + £54.99), and that’s without a possible bundle discount, and you could trade in the PS4 copy of FIFA14 as it’s not digital. And for online play, I think PS+ is cheaper than Gold Live.

        Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still pretty good deal, and MS have the dedicated servers and some exclusive content.

      • Oh definitely, there is nothing here that is going to convert a PS4 gamer to join the X1 camp. For people such as myself however who are dead-set against getting Sony’s new console, this is probably the best X1 deal you are likely to find.
        Seems crazy to think my launch day bundle in June was going to cost a fair bit over £500 to get the console, headset, charge lead and A game. £485 for two huge games and a headset is far more appealing.

      • Why are you dead set against a PS4? Can’t be from their small stint of bad customer support with the PS3 can it? It seems this gen the roles have reversed, with Sony offering a reasonably priced machine (along with PS Plus, the best value service bar Steam) whereas MS tried to take their fanbase for braindead mugs until pre order numbers came in.

      • I just find myself preferring Microsoft’s exclusives to Sony’s these days, that’s all. I have to keep reminding myself not to get a PS4 as no one I know is getting one and I know I won’t play any of the exclusives like God of War, Uncharted, etc as I’m bored of single player games.

      • Fair dues. But to say you’re ‘dead set’ sounds odd, especially when the reason is exclusives. Sony are reknowned for their exclusives – and if the reason is you don’t like single player games then none of the exclusive Xbox launch titles should appeal to you really, as none of them will have multiplayer akin to a Halo or Gears experience….

        Regardless, more OT I hope dedicated servers come to PS4 also. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t, as BF3 had them as have many first party PS3 games. The whole ‘cloud’ bullshit is PR web spinning. Unless MS paid for this by moneyhatting, then I assume they’ll come to PS4 also – hence why there was no ‘exclusive’ thrown around from MS regarding COD dedis.

  5. A COD bundle and you get Fifa for free if you pre-order. So Microsoft aren’t expecting anyone to buy any of their games then?

    Good to see them pushing their new IP

    • Agreed, seems silly to throw in games that are multi platform, but I can only presume it is so the people on the fence that would buy those games anyway would be like…..ooh free stuff!
      I wonder if in Oz they will be giving away Afl live…….mmm yay….

    • I guess its because its a game many will be familiar with so its less of a risk than if they bundled Ryse or a new ip.

    • Or… Games that many people were going to buy anyway, freeing up some spending power to grab something different alongside their stalwarts.

      The two titles are safe bet system sellers too unlike including a ‘lite version’ of a new IP… If you subscribe.

      Shame that Quantum Break isn’t a launch title though, & Sparks – Although that will be in open beta by launch.

      • Oh, is the ‘Lite’ version of Driveclub all PS+ will offer? Way to brush of some of those great indie games under PS+. People are also forgetting that this is STILL more expensive than buying a PS4 and the games themselves. Consumers aren’t as stupid as people like to make out, they’ll do the math to see which is cheaper – especially going into the holiday period.

      • @yiddo its not just the price that decides it for some people, I had so many problems with sonys terrible customer support that I ruled out the ps4 because its so difficult to get an help from them. Whereas with xbox support I’ve always had a speedy resolution.

      • Odd reason to discard them. Because of their customer support with PS3. If that’s the case I assume you aren’t getting an Xbox One on principal? They’ve had awful customer support for months, with the Xbox Support Twitter lying to customers, important figures saying ‘no connection? Get a 360’ and willing to employ awful policies onto customers – which they only changed as a result of pre order numbers, not complaining on Xbox sites etc.

      • Certainly not an odd opinion I feel. I wont list them all but over the last year I’ve had problems with ps+ content, voucher codes not working etc. I’ve posted on the support forums and @ the twitter support and never get an answer. Throw in the weekly store update screw ups and its enough to convince me anyway. And as I said, everytime I’ve used xbox support I’ve been helped quickly.

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