OUYA Launches -And Quickly Removes- Bizarre Ad

A strange and somewhat distasteful ad for Android-powered console, OUYA, recently hit the web only to be removed soon after. Uploaded to the official OUYA YouTube channel, the video (shown below) was mirrored by other users.


Beneath the jarring, vomit-soaked footage is a genuinely exigent message relating to the current state of our industry. However the video isn’t so subtle in conveying this and, as a result, comes across as bone-headed and fairly revolting.



  1. Lulz

  2. That is just bizarre. I get the point, they are hardly the first to make it, but what a violent/extreme way to make it.
    I expected a bit more class from them to be honest

    • Yeah I agree, it’s a bit low brow for Ouya, given that they’ve previously been going down the not-as-smug-as-Apple-but-still-fairly-smug cheerfully idealistic design route. This just reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.

  3. Christ, that was awful. Swing and a miss, folks. Nothing to see here.

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