DUST 514 Update Inbound, Adds Corporation Tax

CCP Games has outlined one of the new features coming to DUST 514 in its Uprising 1.4 update. Due out in September, the patch will add a Corporation Tax system, something -the developer claims- that players have been pining for.

Those players, we assume, hail from sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. The game plays host to thousands of player-run Corporations who drive the game’s economy and, from time to time, engage in epic space battles.


Corporations need ISK (EVE’s in-game currency) to operate effectively, however, and this is where Corporation Tax comes into play.

By activating the new system, CEOs will be able to leech a cut of all earnings players within their Corporation makes. It works similarly to what already exists in EVE Online; any post-match winnings exceeding 10,000 ISK is taxable to rate set by the CEO.

It’s a cool idea and one that helps to close the gap between EVE and DUST 514. However, most players will be looking for something else in the Uprising 1.4, notably changes in gameplay and performance.

In our review we lauded the game for its ambition, yet docked it for unfriendly design choices and barren gameplay.

Source: DUST 514 Blog


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  1. Looking forward to this. I will start my own corp!

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