WeView Verdict: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

In contrast to last week’s WeView choice, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, encouraged a lot more of you to share your thoughts. So how well did PlayStation’s first party brawler fare? Let’s take a look.

Of course, not everyone was a fan of the game, and there were a few you who were quick to list Battle Royale’s flaws. Starman found the “combat very repetitive due to the lack of moves & combos”, he also wasn’t happy with the lack of single player depth stating that there were “very little modes”. The online didn’t fare much better either, with Starman describing it as a “buggy disconnection-fest”.

Psychobudgie was also under the impression that the single player was suffering from a “lack of depth” and that the game was “almost ruined by poor UI”.

However, where Battle Royale seems to really shine is with the local multiplayer. Kennykazey labelled the game as “one of the best party games on PS3”. Cam_manutd was also a fan of the local multiplayer saying that the game “when played with friends is immense”.

Taylor Made announced their love for the game in the comments, they enjoyed the fact that “its simplicity makes it easy for anyone to play especially those who struggle with the likes of MK & street fighter”.

Bodachi also praised the pick up and play style of Battle Royale saying it’s “the perfect fighting game to play for parties as anyone can play it as you don’t have to learn an extensive move set”. SYY2127 summed it up as “short and simple”, as he also enjoyed the game with friends.

ProjectJAY was impressed by SuperBot’s great fan-service, with the “rival cutscenes” and “each character’s moves and dialogue” highlighting this best. Surprisingly he was the only one to mention this.

Battle Royale was also available on the PS Vita. This was to Mrfodder’s liking, as he much prefers playing fighting games on handhelds, saying that “PSASBR is fantastic for this” and further adding “it is a game you can always go back to for a quick session”. Seravok also fires up the game most on Vita, because they “like playing this game for 10-15 minutes at a time when on the go”.

As always we finish with a comment that manages to sum up everyone’s thoughts into a sentence of two, this week’s comes from ThatMattKid:

PSABR is the go to game in terms of having a few mates around and playing local multiplayer, or 2 vs 2 online. Sadly the game doesn’t hold up to well once your mates have left and your playing alone.

Now it comes down to the all important votes. Picking up one vote each were Avoid It and Rent It, while Bargin Bin only managed to grab four of your votes. The winner, with an impressive ten votes, was Buy It. So there you have it, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a game definitely worth buying, especially if you’re looking for the ultimate party game.

Tomorrow, we’ll have Resident Evil 6 taking over WeView, so that means it disappears from the poll, replaced by Far Cry: Blood Dragon. Thomas Was Alone and Injustice: Gods Among Us remain in place, but LEGO Lord of the Rings didn’t get enough votes so drops off the voting, with Spec Ops: The Line, which we featured in today’s Matter of Perspective, taking its place.


  1. Little gutted I forgot to join in with this weeks we-view.

    I do echo most of the sentiments. In local multiplayer this perfectly fills the role of a Smash Bros game in the Sony universe. It manages however to remain different enough to be its own game and not a clone of the Nintendo title.

    I would have been an advocate of buying the game, especially if you have both vita and ps3. I found myself playing the campaign modes on the handheld and keepin the ps3 game for the local multiplayer fix.

    Gutted it didn’t sell well as I’d love a ps4 sequel.

  2. It’s not really my kind of game but I like the idea behind it. Might have to give it a chance based on this. Pretty cheap now too.

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