ShopTo Selling Rayman Legends Vita Despite Delay

ShopTo has just tweeted that it has the Vita version of Rayman Legends in stock, is available to order now, and ready to dispatch tomorrow.



The game released for other platforms last week but the Vita version has been delayed by Ubisoft until September 13th. Those of you familiar with dates will note that is ten days away, also known as next Friday. Then again Amazon have the release date as September 6th which is this Friday. Maybe whatever was holding the Vita version back has been resolved, and Ubisoft are releasing it ahead of the scheduled release date.

We’ve contacted Ubisoft for comment on the matter.

Source: Twitter/Shopto/Amazon



  1. Yup, my order on Amazon just got an update saying it will be here earlier as well.

  2. Be good if I can pick his up on Friday at Game!

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