2K Release XCOM: Enemy Within Gameplay Walkthrough

2K Games and Firaxis have launched a gameplay walk-through for upcoming strategy expansion, XCOM: Enemy Within. The demo, narrated by Lead Designer, Ananda Gupta, shows off some the game’s newly-added features, including new weapons, enemies, abilities and a mechanised XCOM agent.

Enemy Within was announced during this year’s Gamescom as a premium expansion. Disc-based copies will be available for all formats including PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360, this November.

Enemy Within sees a continuation of the main game with new missions and mechanics. The expansion’s biggest feature is the ability to modify your agents, either through alien gene implants or mechanised enhancements.

We recently revisited XCOM: Unknown in our PlayBack series. Be sure to check it out.


  1. Looks great. I like how the new maps also rely on the new upgrades for your soldiers as well, so it’s not simply just “here’s a new map”. Some thought has gone into them.

    Seen as the consoles are getting a stand-alone version I may as well trade-in the first one as its pretty much the same just missing the new features.


    God this game will even eclipse my anticipation of the ps4 :)

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