Rayman Legends Releasing On Vita Tomorrow

Despite initially being delayed for “two weeks”, Rayman Legends will be releasing on Vita a week earlier than expected, though still a week later than its original release date.

There has been quite a bit of controversy around the Vita version, with the unexpected delay coming just a few days before release, and then the news that the game would be missing content found in the other versions.


A few local GAME twitter accounts, including Rochdale and St. Helens have confirmed that the title will be in their stores tomorrow morning:


So, those issues have all been patched up – or at least soon will be in the case of the missing content – with the Vita version now seemingly sharing all the merits of the Wii U version, despite the natural lack of same-screen multiplayer.

I’d heavily recommend the Vita version if you don’t have a Wii U, now that it’s finally here.



  1. Shame Game didn’t bother to reply as I ended up getting mine from Amazon. (I mean what company replies to a tweet 10hrs after it was sent at 2000?).

    looking forward to the weekend with this however seems my Killzone is coming as well.

    • A tweet sent to a business at 8PM?

      I wouldn’t expect an answer until the business opens again really.

      • Yeah, that would mean a reply at 6am.
        Not bad.

        In any case, the game was released digitally today.

      • Yup.

        It sounds like somebody checked the company’s Twitter just after they woke up instead of waiting until they got back to work.

        Thanks for the tip regarding the digital release, I can see it on the Vita’s Store now. It’s not on the PC one yet though. Do you know how large the file is?

      • Meant the reply was revived at 8pm from a business 10hrs after it was sent.

  2. No dispatch from Amazon, even with release-day delivery :(

    • Really? I got mine about 6pm.

    • never trust amazon for pre orders, it’s always pot luck that you’ll actually get the game release day

      Shopto everytime, they are the best

  3. I still don’t see how the Wii U version is the best version out there.
    I’m playing the game on my own 99% of the time so on the Wii U I would only be able to control Murphy during those levels while Rayman moves on his own?
    I prefer to do the platforming myself when playing a platformer.
    And as for the Vita version, Origins looked great on the OLED screen, but playing it on a huge screen in glorious 1080p is the best option in my opinion.
    A few touch controls do not make it a better version in my books.
    Kung Foot is also awesome. I wouldn’t want to miss it.

    • I think games like Origins and Legends are brilliant on portables with the pick up and play factor about them, but like you I find them just as much at home on HDTV screen.
      It’s always puzzled me though how it can be easier and if possible for a second player to be controlling Murphy while you steer Rayman (or whichever Legend you opt for) in some of the later more difficult levels where timing and jump rate has to be so precise and fast paced. You must have to be so in tune with each others gameplay style, almost to telepathic levels!
      Only thing I’ve been struggling with is the down/square high jump control in the later world levels, you really need to command absolute accuracy with those jumps but if the left stick is even slightly off centre the superjump doesn’t work and death is inevitable, so I’m going to have to get used to using the down directional button instead of the left stick down!

  4. I just picked up origins for £15 quid on the store, could never get into it o n release but the hype for legends, and the beautifull screenshots I keep seing have convinced me to give it another go, will pick up legends further down the line

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