Dylan Jobe Has A Concept For Warhawk 2

Not another Starhawk.

After the failure of the Warhawk spiritual successor, Starhawk – seriously, what happened there? – we thought that Warhawk, which remains one of the finest multiplayer experiences this generation, would be left to die.

And in some ways, that’s true – the studio have moved on to other, smaller projects and split away from Sony, though in his mind, the concept for the game is there, it just needs a pile of cash thrown on it from Sony’s end.

Kickstarter wouldn’t work though, it’s “too expensive” he says, on his twitter feed:

He goes on to say that he’s not sure if Sony would be interested, but he definitely seem enthusiastic about the sequel himself. Nevertheless, a sequel on PS4 would surely be fantastic. Let’s hope Sony see that while Starhawk didn’t take off, Warhawk 2 certainly would.


  1. Warhawk the first online game I played it just amazed meplaying people online! my mate went and bought a PS3 the day after playing it at mine just for Warhawk brilliant game and better than the all spacey setting of Starhawk.

  2. Many in the community have been putting the the word out to Sony/SM , that we want to see a WH2 for the PS4. We already know DJ is willing and ready to go to work on it. He stated via twitter,and i quote… “Sony knows how to reach me”.
    The WH Community is still strong and thriving, with 1000’s playing daily.
    After twisting a few arms ,I was able to get my friends at URGENT FURY league to host a throw back WH tournament. The tournament was scheduled to kick off this past Spring,but unfortunately and for various reasons,the tournament was postponed.A make-up date hasn’t been set yet
    For those interested, I run a WH community facebook group(INTERNATIONAL WARHAWK SOCIETY).https://www.facebook.com/groups/warhawk.generals/

  3. There is a FB group for a hawk game on PS4

    I would buy a PS4 right now if a hawk game were on there. I don’t care if it’s a multiplayer-only polished-up re-tread of PS3 Warhawk, a fixed version of Starhawk (make it more fun), or a brand new hawk IP (as long as it’s as fun as WH). Come on Sony, in 2009 IGN said it was the best multiplayer experience they’d ever had! Don’t you want a game like that on PS4?

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