The Official Need For Speed Movie Trailer Is Here

The Need For Speed franchise has shifted between high points and low points in its time, from the brilliance of the Underground games to the average, in my opinion, likes of The Run and latest Most Wanted title. However it has held some dominance in the racing genre in gaming, and now it’s time to challenge for the big screen.


The film, which stars Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame, looks to be taking a much more serious and dramatic approach to street racing compared to the earlier Fast & Furious films, though there is still the fair share of high speed chases and explosions.

Going by this trailer the Need For Speed movie could actually be a decent video game to film adaptation, but we won’t know until the film releases in Spring 2014.

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  2. Well, the main character had his black leather jacket and sun glasses on, that’s the top box ticked! Could be good, trailer looks alright. I don’t think it’ll too Furious 6 though, wow :)

  3. It actually doesn’t look that bad, the car shots look good and if there’s plenty of action, it will more than make up for what I expect will be a rubbish plot.

    • They always look good in the trailers (well mostly) but hopefully it’ll be a decent movie.

      • If it’s anything like the Fast & Furious movies, I’ll be more than happy.

  4. I think it looks TERRIBLE! But I’m gonna go see it because there’s a small chance he’ll say ‘Bitches’ at some point!

  5. From Breaking Bad to this. He must’ve been paid quite a bit…

    At least he’ll bring it up to standard, he’s one of the best current actors.

  6. looks good but 2014 damn that’s far hopefully it will have a good story and decent action

  7. Lost interest in the Fast & Furious movies after a few entries but this might actually get me back into racing movies. I don’t expect much more than a flick that gets me through an uneventful weekend but who knows. Maybe this surprises everyone and turns out to be really good. I liked the trailer.

  8. What a load of c##k! I’ve just returned from the bathroom after bleaching my eyes.

  9. Looks pretty generic. But will probably give it a watch.

  10. He looks a bit of a ponce to be honest but the movie looks good. Did anyone else spot the burnout-like takedown towards the end?

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