Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Details

Lead Designer at Guerrilla, Eric Boltjes, has revealed a few more details regarding the PS4 exclusive shooter, Killzone Shadow Fall

He began by addressing the hot topic of frame rate and it’s good news – almost.

“We’re running 60fps,” he said. “However, the game may drop a few frames in extreme situations – when there are a lot of GPU-intensive things going on at once. Guaranteeing a constant 60fps under such circumstances would’ve required undesired concessions.”

“We wanted to make sure Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer would present a visual spectacle, boasting a stunning level of detail in 1080p at 60fps, while still allowing 24 players and their drones (effectively 48 entities) to take part at once. We’re very proud of the results – when you move through the maps you’ll notice lots of intricate details, from beautiful reflective surfaces to individually moving leaves on the foliage.”

He then went on to explain that the Nano Shield activation “is not instantaneous” and that player-deployed spawn points, a returning feature from Killzone 2, can be destroyed by the enemy.

Rocket and grenade launchers will no longer be secondary weapons, instead they will be attachments on primary weapons but switching to them will take time, leaving you vulnerable to attack. He also explained that hip-firing will still be present.

“If you’re one of those players endowed with dead aim, you’ll be happy to know that ‘hip-firing’ (firing a weapon without using the sights) is still an option in Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer. Some weapons can only be fired by aiming down the sights, however – particularly the heavier/more dangerous ones.”

Much to everyone’s delight, Killzone Shadow Fall will have dedicated servers. “Almost all logic relating to you (e.g. moving, shooting and taking damage) runs on your local PS4,” explained Eric. “Only a very small portion of the game logic (i.e. mission/scoring logic) running on the ‘session master’, one PS4 in the game selected for its connection quality.”

The entire season of multiplayer map DLC will be free so as not to fragment the community, but there will be a Season Pass which entitles you to

  • An online co-op expansion pack that introduces a brand-new horde mode for up to 4 player
  • Three arena map packs for use with the online co-op expansion pack
  • Two additional multiplayer expansion packs that will be detailed at a later date.

Did you manage to beat the queues and play Killzone Shadow Fall at the Eurogamer Expo? Let us know you thoughts in the comment section.

Source: U.S. PS Blog



  1. I played it at EGX, it really is very pretty. Killzone fans will not be dissapointed.

    • thats great news, I love the colour they have put into the game. They listened to the fans too.

  2. The more I hear about this, the more I like it. Might have to choose it as my FPS fix from now on. Although I’m not too keen to hear about tactical spawn points

  3. I’ve been like a yoyo with this. I hated the last one but loved KZ2. From the last videos and the new info on dedicated servers and 60fps at 1080p, I think I’ll be going for this.

    It’s going to be hard to decide between BF4 and this though.

    • Ha ha, I’m right with your there. It’s a straight flip of the coin for me as to whether BF4 or KZ:SF takes my money.

      • I don’t really get why you have to decide between the 2. I’ll be getting both if I can afford it.

      • I need help to pick one as well. Could get both but I feel like I need to concentrate on 1 fps at a time. The inevitable button differences will cause frustration when I mix them up and one will end being favoured over the other. Bf3 is still being played regularly but I’ve always enjoyed killzone. I change my mind nearly every day. Just about favouring kz today.

  4. I played it the first day of EGX. Was really fun. I loved KZ2, but only enjoyed KZ3. In terms of pacing, it feels sort of inbetween KZ2 and KZ3. Which is a really nice balance. Not far off Battlefield pacing. By pacing I mean general gameplay. The controls feel good and natural. Doubt you’ll have too much trouble switching between FPS’s. I’m picking this up day 1 and I’m happy they’ve included Dedicated severs :)

  5. Anyone with technical / network understanding care to comment on the dedicated server point….as this reads to me as no better than the current MP P2P systems as it is not true dedicated servers…how does this prevent / limit historical Killzone lag issues and lag switching?

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